Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Termini Imerese after Fiat 1 billion for the rebirth

Yesterday was the first step to revive the plant in Termini Imerese, currently inactive although officially still in the hands of Fiat to the end of this year. Minister of Economic Development Paul Romania has signed a framework agreement with the local region, province of Palermo, City and ASI (area of industrial development), which provides a substantial public resources stanziamentodi (although less than anticipated by Marchionne to the industrial centers of the Lingotto): 100 million to the government and 350 million by the Sicily Region.

The area will be investimenticomplessivi a billion euro for the launch of seven business projects chosen from 31 submitted in recent months. The investment will ensure the ongoing occupation of Fiat and industries, about 2,200 people. The future goal, however, is more ambitious as it seeks to achieve regime to 3,300 employees in the agreement is now being examined by the unions.

For its part, Fiat has pledged to give free land and buildings to Asia once realized that no group would land a competitor. The Lingotto is also charged for any remediation. After that, the areas will be divided among the selected companies that could benefit from land and public funds after it was committed to start operations within 20 months of setting up and maintaining employment levels for ten years.

Among the seven companies selected, 2 are in the automotive sector: the reborn De Tomaso and Cape Reva. A third house, the Italian Dr Motor Company, remains in "waiting list" since it did reach their expression of interest outside the time limit. It 'still possible repechage at the last moment, "when one of the seven companies showed the difficulties."

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