Saturday, April 16, 2011

2012 auto incentives: incentives for electric cars in Italy and the rest of Europe

By next summer the Italian government should approve the new government incentives for the purchase of electric cars, approvals so the rest of the countries that are pushing the purchase of cars to clean power. By the time Italian legislative incentives for electric cars could arrive in 2012 by the Transportation Commission and Economic Development.

In Italy he began to debate on electric cars since 2009 but since then it has been impossible to make any bill while in the rest of Europe but also in the United States and China, the incentives for self-impact zero are already active. To deal with this aspect there are the Honourable Agostino Ghiglia of PDL and Andrea Lulli of PD, with the charges of "provisions for the construction of infrastructure networks and service vehicles powered by electricity" and "mechanisms to facilitate the development of mobility medians vehicles that produce no carbon dioxide emissions.


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