Friday, April 15, 2011

2012 Chevrolet Camaro

Next year, Chevrolet will celebrate in style the 45th anniversary of one of the most iconic cars in history: the Camaro. This 'muscle car' will receive a series of technical and mechanical improvements, as well as the incorporation of a special commemorative series. 'Camaro, Corvette and Malibu they are for me the most significant models in the 100-year history of Chevrolet, "without mincing words, these were the statements by the President and CEO of Chevrolet Europe, Wayne Brannon, during the past edition of the Geneva Motor Show.

Indeed, the Camaro back in the news, with an update that makes the legend even bigger one of the 'muscle car' to more popular American in the world. For the 2012 Camaro, Chevrolet will carry out a series of very subtle changes. Chapter mechanical, atmospheric gasoline engine 3.6 V6 receive a series of improvements to alterations in the cylinder head, fuel pump, the injectors and intake valves.

Also, the total power increases to 327 hp at 6,800 rpm (previously 316 hp), keeping the average consumption of fuel in about 7.8 l/100 km. On the other hand, the final weight of the gasoline engine is reduced by 9.3 kilograms. The 2012 Camaro Coupe versions will incorporate a new suspension system to help provide a great deal of sportsmanship, "significantly improving cornering behavior," according to Al Oppenheiser, Chief Engineer of the Camaro.

This suspension system includes new springs and dampers, plus larger diameter stabilizer bars. Across the range of the Camaro, it will also provide alloy wheels 20 inch new design. Inside, the changes in the Camaro will be very slight, almost imperceptible redesign of the steering wheel, instrument panel and seats.

In the equipment, you can choose a new parking assistance system with vision cameras for reversing movements. Next year, Chevrolet will also offer a 45th Anniversary Special Edition Camaro. Be available in two trim levels-2LT and 2SS-both Coupe and Convertible variants or convertible. The 45th Anniversary logo will be seen in various parts of the body and interior.

Outside, you can see near the front fenders, while the interior can be found on the steering wheel and the seat backs, among other places. A self-designed outer lens and chrome alloy wheels and exclusive of 20 inches will also be other of the two items that will wear the Camaro at its 45 birthday.

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