Sunday, April 17, 2011

4Matic Mercedes Viano, Vito and Sprinter 4x4 4x4

Mercedes has the all-wheel drive variants of Viano, Sprinter and Vito, and engines that combine to create over 100 different versions. The Viano 4MATIC, available in the fitting Trends, Environment, Fun and Marco Polo is equipped with electronically controlled all-wheel drive 4ETS combined with 5-speed automatic transmission and the diesel engine with 163 hp and 136 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY package.

Under normal conditions, the system sends 65% of torque to the rear axle but can automatically act according to this report varying conditions and braking the wheels with less grip due to the complete integration with the 'Adaptive ESP, ASR traction control supports, by ABS and Brake Assist.

The level of the Viano is also raised to improve the angles of attack and height from the ground. The Vito uses the same 4 × 4 wheel drive 4ETS with diesel engines and automatic transmission of the Viano, with fittings suitable for commercial use. The Sprinter 4 x 4, finally, the system uses 4ETC with additional features: it is possible to enter the four-wheel drive with a key and there is a reduction that lowers the rate of 40% to maximize the capacity of diesel engines.

In the range, in addition to the 4-cylinder diesel 129 and 163 hp is also available 3-liter V6 CDI 190 hp and 440 Nm Again the structure is raised in steps to promote off-road, for example, the depth Fording reaches 610 mm. The Combi 4 × 4 version Sprinter, approved as a car, but is offered with 4-cylinder diesel engines 109 and 150 hp with manual or automatic transmission and organization specific.

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