Monday, April 18, 2011

Audi Q3 2011: new official photos

Audi has recently published the first pictures of its new car, the Q3. A week away from the spread of the first official image of Audi has published new photos of the new SUV that immortalize the house of Ingolstadt. Many have called it perhaps too conventional and conservative, but the winning formula is not changed, so have no use at all costs try to prove themselves brave the risk of being wrong with a project, better to refer to a consolidated success without distorting, but simply evolving.

Here is a simple style that keeps the Q3, dynamic, yet sports a number of years featuring the cars of the brand with the four rings, a style that is both pleasing to the public, a design evergreen whose appeal seems to be timeless. His main competition, the BMW X1 architecture constructive search (ie using the floor of the Series 3) and four-wheel drive his gauntlet, in which at the same time finds its strengths.

Fight of the Titans, then? If the answer is yes and you're ready to make your bets on a possible winner you should wait until the beginning of the bets, the starting grid because German is not complete yet, difficult to imagine that Mercedes wants to stay long outside the competition ...

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