Monday, April 18, 2011

Audi Q3: new official photos

Last week he unveiled the new Audi Q3: We offer new shots of the latest addition to Ingolstadt (after the jump you can find all the official photos have already been published), latest example of time that the phenomenon of the SUV is not finished. The impact that this car has generated about you seems to be pretty unanimous: not much originality of forms and stylistic reasons already too corny.

Yet we are sure that this "Q" will have some success in sales. The direct competitor, the BMW X1, the plan puts more refined construction architecture (the floor is the Serie 3) and four-wheel drive apparently more efficient (and which focuses on the distribution of power at the rear). But also the style of the small SUV Monaco is very controversial.

Less than the sales numbers that make it a commercial success. At this point we are sure that Mercedes will soon take a slice of this segment of "small SUV" of luxury.

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