Saturday, April 16, 2011

Chevrolet Mi-Ray, the hybrid of the future

Take a look at this picture: This is the Chevrolet I-Ray, a luxurious hybrid spider inspired directly by streamlining the jet. The hybrid Chevrolet Mi-Ray was presented a preview to the last exhibition in Seoul, which ended Sunday. The car was wanted by Chevrolet engineers to celebrate 100 years of the house and do the technicians have started work to create futuristic car.

In fact I am Korean-rai means their future. The body was made of carbon fiber, opening gullwing doors is to be a hybrid and the Mi-Ray is really a high-performance roadster. The car has two electric motors 20 hp and a gasoline engine. To see it in dealerships we still have to wait a long time 'since the car has not yet entered the production chain.

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