Saturday, April 16, 2011

Fiat now owns 30% of Chrysler

Fiat has increased in prices of Chrysler by 5%. Now owned by Fiat shares are 30%. This was made possible because Fiat has missed some agreements with the Government of the United States of America that have sold 5% stake. Now the goal is to get Fiat to 35% of the total, and the home of the Lingotto, reaching its quota, will produce cars to "40 share" for the American market.

These are vehicles that can travel 40 miles, just over 64 km, with a single gallon of gas, just under 4 liters. The climbing part of Fiat Chrysler in 2009 when the company was awarded the Italian 20% of the shares by taking control of the company after the failure funded by the government.

The administration has therefore set some goals to revive Chrysler, and Fiat has delegated. In exchange for the stake in Chrysler in fact received some technologies for smaller cars with cleaner engines. In January, Fiat has produced an additional 5% to 25%, having satisfied the first requirement put into the program, or the production of a cleaner engine, a four-cylinder.

This was produced in Dundee, Michigan. Now the package has arrived Fiat to 30% because the Italian company has increased sales of Chrysler cars outside the U.S. borders and open dealers in Europe and in Brazil, just like asking the Obama administration.

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