Friday, April 15, 2011

Land Rover: Apart from the project for the new Defender

As reported today by Autocar, Land Rover has begun work on the draft of the new Defender model named to replace one of the most enduring icons of the entire history of the automobile. "The most ambitious project in the history of the house," some people call it close to work. The outcome of which should see the light in 2015, although the concept version of the new off-road may appear as early as 2013.

The development of the new Defender will be one of the first projects that directly involve the new owners of Indian Tata, which will provide a substantial financial support to the operation: the new Defender will be born on a brand new platform and a brand new factory. Since then the basic model, come to life some body variants, such as a pick-up and a long wheelbase version.

Land Rover Defender has sold only 18,000 worldwide last year, but the importance of this model goes far beyond its trade performance: the halo car of the house, without which the Land Rover would mean something very different in ' collective imagination. According to market research conducted by the manufacturer, the offroad segment can be divided into three parts rather precisely on the basis of the offer to customers: luxury, leisure, utilities.

The Defender, of course, falls into the latter category, and will also in future: today, this type of vehicle that is a market of 3.25 million units annually in the world, but by 2017 will grow by 25%, according to estimates.

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