Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mini: possible platform Saab in the future?

According to what reported by Autocar, Mini would be planning to adopt the model that will be of his car icon, the platform of a compact house of Saab. Autocar has ever mentioned the anonymous sources that confirm the veracity of the news, it seems that the Swedish manufacturer will at all costs to bring a small part of himself on the German and Anglo-wheel would be planning a bid that would be put under consideration by BMW.

Saab, who is going through a difficult time economically, has already cornered the rights in the 1.6-liter turbo engine that is driving the cars currently fashionable brand BMW. This also would like to delay the implementation of the Mini model currently on sale in late 2012, allowing the new copies of entering the world with greater peace of mind, but also to adapt the assembly lines, production of the Mini that come.

The latter, the Mini's future, by the door, inside the house of the propeller, the name F56, which besides watching with curiosity to Sweden (where the negotiations were to go to Saab port), it seems you are looking for new sources of inspiration in Germany, as some peculiarities of the B-segment models of BMW, equipped with front-wheel drive, should be imported on the Mini.

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