Saturday, April 16, 2011

Renault Wind Wave Edition from € 17,500

From this month, Renault will launch on the Italian market the new Wind Wave Edition, special edition of the compact coupé-cabrio the French company, with a convenient rotary metal roof. The "Wave Edition" aims to conquer the Italian public with a formula that skillfully blends many accessories aesthetic with a series of devices designed for the comfort of the occupants, all offered at an attractive price.

Available in Ice White livery, Majorelle Blue, Red Dynamics, Altica Grey and Black Nacre, Wind Wave Edition notes for new 16-inch alloy wheels "Emotion", while the air vents in gray satin, the rear bumps in body color and dual chrome exhaust give the right amount of grit to the car. The interior reflects the sporty exterior with a number of details specific to this version as the eyelid of the dashboard in translucent black, the sill with the company logo Wind and aluminum pedals.

In addition, the Wind provides an ideal driving position and very used to the sporty driving thanks to the adjustable steering wheel height combined with sports seats with integrated headrests that provide even greater active safety to the driver and passenger. The comfort for the occupants of the Wind is ensured by the automatic climate control system combined with self-defrosting rear window, in addition to a range of accessories such as remote central locking, trip computer, electric outside mirrors, speed limiter, while the 'Entertainment occupant was installed as standard audio system with MP3-CD player.

The strength of this multi-purpose vehicle, however, remains the rotary electric roof - one of a kind - which allows you to pass in just 12 seconds (the fastest time ever) to the roadster coupe configuration. Moreover, regardless of the configuration chosen, the large luggage compartment big 270 cubic dm does not undergo the slightest change in load.

The Renault Wind Wave Edition is available with the compact but powerful 100 hp 1.2-liter Tce and the handsome 1.6-liter 133 horsepower. List prices start at € 17,500 for the 100 bhp version, while the 1.6-liter costs only € 1,000 more for a total of 18,500 €.

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