Monday, June 13, 2011

2015 Toyota Prius by Eric Leong

On the occasion of the Toyota Design Intership Eric Leong has created an interesting design concept car that represents a hypothetical fourth generation of the successful Prius hybrid car, waiting for the year 2015. The design study of this fascinating futuristic Prius is characterized by a very nice design from the aerodynamic point of view, which is recognized as a key element to optimize consumption.

A series of aerodynamic adjustable conveying the air flow around the body and directing them to minimize their maximum resistance. The curvaceous body drop shape is distinguished by its large front windshield glass much inclined, who marries into a single element with the roof and rear window, which is also very oblique.

Among the stylistic quirks are the direction lights with LED technology embedded in the bumper fascia and repeated also on the side mirrors, and four doors opening to exploit the book, thanks to the rear smaller that open into the wind. Although the shapes of the car to be more intimate than the current hybrid of the House of three ellipses, both in terms of length and height of the car, the designers managed to exploit every inch of the car, the interior, designed to accommodate four adults comfortably.

The front of the passenger bridge is characterized by the setting aeronautical achieved in one single element, which wraps its futuristic cockpit driver and passenger side, separated by a center console that incorporates the automatic transmission shifter and a small LCD screen. Nonostente the undoubted originality of the project, you may still notice some stylistic similarities with the original prototype products dall'Italdesign in the 90s.

It is not the first time that the Toyota Prius is the focus of a design study for future generations. Last year the boys of the IED (IED) in Turin had competed in 2010-2015 Prius project which aimed to enhance the look of hybrid cars - often accused of being very attractive - making a design more engaging and exciting.

The project was carried out by at least 26 students, led by Professor Fulvio Fantolino institution under the direct supervision of the Toyota.

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