Thursday, June 9, 2011

Alcohol and Driving: Part the campaign "Enjoy responsibly" ACI

In an attempt to sensitize the people, especially young people, about the possible negative consequences related to driving while intoxicated, will start on Friday from Naples' 2011 fun responsibly. " The new campaign, sponsored by the Automobile Club of Italy under the auspices of the Ministry of Youth, will involve 110 sites provincial Acis and will touch 10 cities.

The project, undertaken with the cooperation of Diageo (one of the largest producers of alcoholic beverages, with brands such as J & B, Johnnie Walker and Guinness, NDR), in the past four years has enabled the training of well 132,000 young people, who have agreed voluntarily to give up to drink in order to accompany their friends home safely.

According to the president of ACI, Enrico Gelpi, "Following the opening of the UN Decade of road safety initiatives, Italy is among the first countries in the world to implement concrete initiatives for the prevention of driving under the influence of alcohol. The Automobile Club of Italy he will follow in the other five fields of action identified by the UN for the reduction of road accidents by 2020.

" The European statistics will certainly show a very worrying: at least 25% of road deaths due to alcohol abuse. As if that were not enough to make you think on this issue, it was found that about 2% of drivers routinely drive with a blood alcohol concentration much higher than normally allowed by law.

Sore point remains the fact that accidents related to alcohol consumption continue to be the leading cause of death among young people, involved in at least 15% of road accidents. Rising to 25% in the evening and at night and as high as 32% on Saturday night. It is apparent, however, a positive factor: the increasing effectiveness of information against driving while intoxicated.

It is estimated that by 2001 road deaths due to alcohol each year went down by 5.7%, mainly due to the numerous training and awareness campaigns promoted in recent years. In doing so, the Minister of Health, Ferruccio Fazio, said in a statement: "The fun is to be rational and conscious, as well as the consumption of alcohol.

A glass of wine per meal is a good costume that can be beneficial to health, as well as the abuse of spirits is a bad practice to discourage, especially among the young. "

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