Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Aston Martin and Maybach: Together for a concept car at the IAA 2011

Aston Martin and Maybach, Mercedes latter property, they would take into consideration the idea of building a concept car set to be presented at the Frankfurt Show in September, a contribution that could go well beyond the occasional and establish partnership between the final Home English and German.

"Deep Throats" say that the two manufacturers would already have two joint projects under study. At the moment you do not know what the philosophy of ol'architettura show car in question. The only certainty, given the brands involved, will be a luxury and a finish line with expectations.

The house of the star would have selected his Aston Martin for the development of new 57 and 62: the official confirmation should arrive by the end of the month. In Stuttgart have already finished designing the body of these models, and it is known that mechanics will be widely shared with the new generation S-Class This casts a little curious about what the actual role of the house of Gaydon in the construction of the new Maybach sedan.

Probably the British manufacturer will have the flexibility to tailor the interior to better compete on equal terms with Rolls-Royce and Bentley. Aston Martin also has extensive experience in the manufacture of small series of luxury and customization of these kinds of vehicles: elements that suggest a production "made in England" for the new Maybach.

The commercial gain for Aston would be access to new technology platforms in aluminum developed by Mercedes engines and access to the large bank in the German manufacturer. All this in light of the new Vantage and DB9 ...

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