Monday, June 13, 2011

Audi and Mazda together for the new Wankel?

Audi and Mazda could soon announce a partnership to jointly develop the Wankel engine. To anticipate this rumor is a famous American newspaper: we already had an informal meeting between the two companies in which they discussed the possibility of joining forces to explore joint efforts to apply technology to the new generation of rotary engines.

Mazda is the only manufacturer in the world who believe and will continue to invest in the Wankel engine. But what would be the interest of Audi for an engine with this architecture? The answer goes to the A1 and fitted with a rotary-tron of 254 cc and 20 bhp designed to increase autonomy.

But this may just be the starting point for a project on a larger scale. For its part, Mazda still uses less than 100 engineers in R & D department dedicated to the Wankel. They WOULD BE developing a new system of ignition of the fuel / air mixture through the laser device. The latter not only to retire the traditional candles, allow for better sealing of the combustion chamber with enormous benefits in terms of reducing fuel consumption and pollutant emissions.

And Mazda is looking for funds, even those of a German giant, to complete this project and place the new Renesis in the boot of the future RX-7. The target is not to exceed 130 g / km of CO2 compared to 299 of the RX-8.

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