Sunday, June 12, 2011

BMW 1 Series

Heavily revised chassis. New engines with efficiency and flag. Two new finishing lines. More quality and equipment ... And by extension, more than 1 series, with improved performance and engine clean sweep of its kind. Two focused on a generational leaps. The same stress on your lines, but many new underneath.

More battle, length, width and track body. Superior projection on the ground and more of interior space, the current weakness of Series 1. Do not be too much, but it's something. 21 mm promises more space for knees in the rear seats and 30 liters of luggage compartment (360 in total), expandable to 1,200 by partitioning 40:20:40.

New indoor sets and will now have two sides to this new generation of BMW's compact: one under the Sport line, one with the name Urban. But as always, the real news in the BMW updates go inside, affecting dynamic performance and make the 1 Series in a reference car in its class. Farewell to atmospheric gasoline engines.

Now we all turn to the technological background of 135i, but in the form of four-cylinder and a unit of 1,600 cm3 all-aluminum. HPI Direct Injection, Dual Vanos, Twin Scroll turbocharger (with double entry, powered by pairs of cylinders to generate a resonance effect) and Valvetronic distribution.

In short, the best of the house, a gem in miniature with a promising performance and feel. Two versions of this 1.6-derived initially may go further: a 116-hp 116i and a 118i with 170 hp (see tabs). And an initial assessment of cold data can speak of a revolution: the more social benefits of new consume 3 percent less than the least powerful of the ancients.

At Diesel, the same 2.0-liter block, lighter, with less internal friction and an evolution in common-rail and injectors continue to give rise to three different alternatives: 116d, 118d and 120D with the same income as before in the first two cases and 184 hp in the latest "developments for some time riding the 3 Series - by signing in the three cases another major cut in consumption, extra-urban cycle figures below 4 liters.

And for a future version EfficientDynamics Edition, as the 3 Series, but in this case the 1 Series will use its new generation of diesel engines, then using a block that will yield 1.6-liter 116 hp. Only 3.8 l/100 km for him. Only 99 g / km. Audi and VW have a careful saver as a rival. Gasoline and Diesel usual program include the 1 Series EfficientDynamics began to introduce since 2007, but with enhancements like the wheels of low rolling resistance and a new eco-driving program.

What do you think? Leave your comments, the most interesting will be published in the journal Hwy. Alternatively, this news debate on our forums. EcoPro. This is called BMW. Always come standard on all engines and will be one of three possible maps of mechanical and thermal management can select the driver, with Comfort and Sport modes.

EcoPro modifies the acceleration, air conditioning and heating systems and various electronic devices to reduce fuel consumption, informing the driver gained additional autonomy in exchange for the minimum sacrifice and loss of comfort. In the 1 Series Sport Line or direction when installing automatic variable or add the fourth mode is driving: Sport +, for maximum driving satisfaction.

The Stop & Start will be standard for all possible combinations of mechanical and transmission. New Dimensions: 432 cm long, 176 wide and 142 high (the only dimension that changes.) Is 85 mm longer and 17 mm wide, has 30 mm of battle and its roads are widened 51 to 72 mm in front and rear.

More broadly, the more stability. Pure BMW: chassis improvements, more comfort and more dynamic at the same time. The address remains electromechanical and option can be Servotronic (variable speed) or active (with variable gear ratio). For active: the usual driving assistants adds a compensation scheme for loss of braking performance and electronic limited slip when the DSC is switched off.

Two trim lines: Sport and Urban. Many cosmetic details distinguish the two models. Sport, for example, has leather sport seats, decorative mo0lduras Nebro bright, star design wheels and instrumentation with numbers and scales to Urban. Ru-Flar low rolling resistance, always 16 inches minimum standard and designing differentiated between the two new lines: Sport or Urban.

The cut back consumption to be spectacular, especially for petrol versions. Gasoline: 1.6 HPI gasoline. 1.6 liters for two different versions, with 136 and 170 hp. A whole hjoya: high-pressure direct injection, Twin Scroll turbo double entry, distribution and Double Vanos Valvetronic. The most potent of the new spending less than the least social benefits of current.

Three Diesel originally known names, but with new features: 116 hp to 116d, 143 hp for the 118d and 184 hp for the new 120D. Immediate future: only 99 g / km. The next addition, a 116d Edition Dynamcs Efficient using a new 1.6-liter block and not the 2.0 liters, with a combined consumption of 3.8 l/100 km.

Ecorp: New eco-driving mode: mechanical efficiency and consumer electronics waste dumps to a minimum. Is standard on all Series 1 and will, additionally, two other normal programs: Comfort and Sport. 8 relations: First segment car with automatic transmission optional eight-speed ZF their big brothers.

Compact, smooth, fast. A luxury in this category.

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