Thursday, June 9, 2011

BMW M Coup Serie1: gi hours of tuning

Just come on the market, BMW M Coupe Serie1 sparked much outcry among fans for its fast acceleration and performance that character that brings to light the first M, heart and passion all those who had not yet come to terms with the V8 engines and some of the extra pounds. Now began the first deliveries (but will finish this year) and a member of 1addicts forum dedicated to the 1 Series could not resist putting his hands on the new creature in Bavaria.

His muscles are a clear call for personalization, and so, one of the new owners decided to enrich the body of his "beast" orange metallic with the particular carbon and increase its performance through the new KW suspension and new wheels alloy. The engine has remained the same, this fantastic 3-liter twin-turbo capable of delivering raw power with 340 hp and 450 Nm of torque using the large rear wheels.

In a little more customization will come that will affect the mechanical forces, even while the soft tuning intriguing alternative is to make one car that makes its originality and its unfiltered nature of its major weapons of seduction.

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