Monday, June 13, 2011

Chrysler developed the hybrid petrol-diesel

The increase in constant swirling and gasoline prices has prompted more and more Italian drivers to go to different supply systems, as the most frugal diesel and gasoline-electric hybrid recently. Chrysler, it seems, are trying to overcome the traditional barriers between the different powers by proposing a gaming hybrid petrol-diesel.

The American group is indeed working on the project called "A Multi / Multifuel Engine System Approach to Enhancing Efficiency, which aims to create a bi-fuel engine can run either on gasoline and diesel, reducing the distance between these two power systems. The experimental engine on which you are working on is a 2.4-liter four-cylinder, which should ensure a yield similar to a more powerful 4.0-liter V6 with lower consumption of at least 25% for the first prototypes in the project.

In this scheme, the diesel, which of course is kept in a separate tank and has a dedicated injection circuit, is fed into the cylinders at times precise and synchronized with the combustion of petrol. The operation provides for the initial release of the air-fuel mixture that is compressed by raising the temperature and pressure and setting the stage entrance on the scene of diesel, which then is injected into the cylinder and because of the very compression fire, even by starting the combustion of petrol.

According to engineers, this system gives the engine an improved compression ratio, with benefits for its efficiency at low and medium engine speeds, throttle down only partially. Chrysler partners in this experiment are big American names such as Argonne National Laboratory, the Ohio State University, Delphi and FEV, who have invested in the project of $ 15.5 million, in addition to funds provided by the Department of Energy.

The study, in addition to the overall efficiency of this technology is also the commercial viability of such an engine, which promises to be interesting but that opens up some doubts about the affordability of this solution, because the car market seems to be going more and more towards hybrid solutions that require the presence of electricity, and above all seem much more affordable hybrid petrol-diesel.

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