Friday, June 10, 2011

Citron C-Zero Van: two copies to the Wind

Citroen has presented for the first time in Europe, two new C-Zero Van, fully electric cars with 150 km of autonomy made specifically for the corporate fleet and Wind circulation in the historical center of Rome. "We are working to gradually replace the 1,600 cars that are part of our fleet," said Duilio Panucci, general manager of Wind services.

"The objective is primarily to reduce emissions and for this reason the two C-Zero that have been delivered is an important step towards sustainable mobility that is one of our main objectives, we started to pursue the introduction of some fifty LPG-powered cars and replacing others with lower capacity models.

Be noted that these 2 new Citroën will be charged at the seat of Rome using energy from solar panels, so no burden on the electricity grid. The manufacturer Alps is marching towards a more sustainable mobility, "These C-Zero - said Guido Montanari, sales manager of B2B Citroën - are derived from the C-Zero 4 seats, already on the market in the second half of last year and that were sold in 2,000 units.

For now, have been created especially for Wind: 2 seats and a rear floor entirely dedicated to freight for 1 m3 of space and about 250 kg load ". Waiting to see if sales targets for the C-Zero will be achieved - 50,000 in five years - while Citroen has announced that at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, will be presented to the European public (after the Chinese) the DS5 full Diesel Hybrid, the first example of a hybrid car powered by diesel and important step towards reducing CO2 emissions.

This new model will be marketed in Italy since 2012. This version of the Van C-Zero, however, will be commercialized on a large scale since the coming months.

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