Sunday, June 12, 2011

Comes R KTM X-Bow

The firm KTM has the most radical version of its sporty X-Bow, on this occasion comes with a 300 hp engine, which together with the many improvements to chassis and suspension level, result in a real race car. At first glance does not differ much from previous versions of the X-Bow, KTM say but since we are almost at a new car.

And is that KTM X-Bow R encloses a number of changes that make it a real racing car for everyday use. The first change in this release R, and perhaps most striking is the presence Audi TFSI engine of 2 liters with an output of 300 hp and maximum torque of 40.82 Nm. This mechanism had already been used in models like the Audi S3, which yields 265 hp, or TT-S, which delivers 272 hp.

The jump that exhibits this engine in the final model KTM has been achieved thanks to a turbo with greater capacity, fuel injection has been modified and engine management system updated by Bosch Engineering Group. However, the changes are not limited to the incorporation of a more powerful engine than seen so far in the KTM X-Bow.

This version of R will have a monocoque carbon fiber special for the occasion whose back has been redesigned by changing the position of the stabilizer bars to absorb smoothly the 60 hp more (25 per cent extra power) of the engine on to those of previous X-Bow. It also features a mechanical limited-slip differential, a rear diffuser aluminum finish designed to increase downforce at high speed, fully adjustable sports suspension as far as extension and compression is concerned, keyless ignition system, safety belt four anchor points, painted wheels and special decoration R.

Furthermore, to adapt to any type of driver, the pedals can be adjusted individually, while the wheel is completely removable for easy access and exit. All of a race car for everyday use, the price has not been disclosed.

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