Wednesday, June 8, 2011

De Tomaso: voltage in Turin, attacked Rossignolo

Tension remains high in front of the Prefecture of Turin, where some employees of the De Tomaso went in the morning after having gathered near the headquarters of the Piedmont Region in order to clarify their situation, which sees them from time pending layoffs that unlocks the state of the Grugliasco factory, a noted entrepreneur Gian Mario Rossignolo years ago with a lot of recovery plan, to date, has remained firm because of some of the financial setbacks.

The factory on the outskirts of Turin was to host its first production of Deauville, a luxury crossover presented at the Geneva Motor Show 2011, but the difficulties of the new owners have created an untenable situation that workers define, with a late payment arrived 5 months. Because of this delicate situation this morning has touched the clash between the representation of employees on the front seat to Labour Councillor and the owner of the Piedmont Region, Gian Mario Rossignolo.

In view of the entrepreneur a dozen workers began to throw insults and chasing it Rossignolo as he left the palace after meeting with the commissioners and Claudia Porchietto Mario Giordano, a high voltage situation that required police intervention, which was obliged to escort the man until his Deauville, kicked a few employees who had managed to pull off near the vehicle.

The anger of the workers then took some of them to reach the Porta Nuova railway station and the trains stop at the moment. For its part, the regional leaders have pledged to try to resolve the situation as explained by the secretary of the Fiom-CGIL, Federico Bellini: "The governor Cota has ensured that the region is working to solve the case.

We expect something in the coming hours. " Finally, given its commitment to the new mayor of Turin, Piero Fassino, that answering some workers who had asked it to intervene, said: "Today I see Cota, also address this issue and will also meet during the week Rossignolo to understand his point of view.

No one can do miracles but all you can do I'll do it. " There are about 900 workers protesting non-payment of redundancy payments, as well as to get some reassurances about their work in the months to come.

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