Monday, June 13, 2011

Electric cars: in Poland, a network of charging

Poland is also preparing to establish a network of charging stations for electric cars. To do so, the Alva and Polenergia Technologies SA have formed a joint venture specifically to provide the country with this essential tools for the dissemination of cars with zero emissions. This partnership, called E +, act as a supplier of electricity to the national collection, which already operates in the field and will only services for the automotive industry, not only with regard to charging points but also for the management and leasing plug in the car rental, maintenance, roadside assistance and insurance coverage.

In practice, one source at 360 degrees for users of this new type of cars that sometimes find it difficult to spread because of difficulties in the supply of energy. The objectives of E + provide for the installation of 300 charging stations in 14 Polish cities by the end of 2013. The hope is that such measures are followed in Italy, where for the moment there is no real national plan for the electric car and everything is left to the discretion of individual municipalities or manufacturers.

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