Friday, June 10, 2011

Fiat 500 Pop-Bi, Japan only

Fiat has introduced a special edition of 500 devoted exclusively to Japanese customers has always been passionate about Italian cars and in particular the small city car in Turin. 500 Pop-called Bi, this particular version in limited edition is immediately recognizable by the yellow and black two-tone livery that covers the body of the car.

The Pop-Bi will be available in the convertible variant - with retractable fabric roof - which in the closed version. The latter boasts the roof, bonnet, rear view mirrors and the top of the riser portion of the sheet painted black, while the rest of the body was chosen yellow. The interiors reflect the solutions of the exterior color, with a portion of the bridge is painted yellow.

Less apparent but the original color combination of "C" version, fully painted in yellow and combined with black canvas roof. The 500 Bi-Pop will be equipped with 69 hp 1.2-liter engine, automatic transmission coupled with the comfortable, preferred in Japan to the classic six-speed manual.

In this particular version of utilitarianism in Turin will be produced solo50 units sold at a price of 2,100,000 yen (about € 17,900 at current exchange rates), certainly an attractive price considering the limited quantity of the car.

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