Monday, June 13, 2011

Fifth Gear test the BMW 1 Series M Coupe

Fifth Gear test the latest model at BMW: Tiff Needell in this video there running around on board the M 1 Series Coupe. Motorsport as M, M as entertainment. And 'it just that the house of Monaco of Bavaria wants to give to those who buy this car: lots and lots of grit at a price still human. Among the intricate ribbons of asphalt Scottish squeezes the funny meter frame and 6-cylinder biturbo engine of the peppered with 1er coupe M tattooed on the body.

Just the engine shows its goodness to the test "turbo-lag": if you do not ask unnecessary miracles, which probably put in a difficult position with the same power unit intake, the 6L is proving increasingly snappy and biting. Everything is also peppered with intriguing notes to the drain.

The front end proves quick and sincere, while the latter goes off every curve without hesitation with the car is well balanced. Obviously the power is more than enough to "dance the Twist" who exaggerates to cause the 340 hp delivered by the 3.0. But everything is still very manageable and exciting.

Another extremely positive for the small home of BMW.

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