Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hydrogen filling station opened with Honda FCX Clarity

In Torrance, the first U.S. station was opened, which is powered directly by an existing hydrogen pipeline. Conveniently located near several feeder road and the international airport of Los Angeles, it uses the existing industrial hydrogen pipeline from a nearby refinery. The gas station has a number of petrol pumps, so that four vehicles will be refueled at the same time in less than five minutes.

First private individual was a driver of a Honda FCX Clarity. With the commissioning of the new gas station in Southern California are now seven hydrogen filling stations. The FCX Clarity will be available there in limited numbers of dealers, more than two dozen are now on the road with private owners on the tax on California's roads.

The FCX Clarity is powered by an electric motor, the current through an on-board fuel cell is generated. The only emission is a little water. The fuel efficiency of the FCX Clarity is three times as high as for a gasoline vehicle of similar size and twice as high as in a diesel-hybrid vehicle.

By the EPA (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency) certified range is 385 km, corresponding to a theoretical range of 460 km in the new European driving cycle.

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