Saturday, June 11, 2011

Lexus: five new models by 2014

Lexus is the categorical imperative to improve, despite the range of the Japanese cars are at the top of their market segment for quality and content, the evolution continues and 2014 will bring fresh air in the Japanese brand through the new GS, new hybrid SUV RX and IS. These models will be joined by two others who, for now, have not been announced in detail.

In the meantime, however, the Lexus range covers several segments, and is divided into a series of models ranging from compact to super. In fact, at the base of the world we find the CT Lexus 200h, a hybrid can offer little more efficient without sacrificing the premium content of the Japanese House.

At higher category includes the IS sport sedan from the cut version that F is capable of unleashing 423 hp from the samurai spirit. The prestige of the board increases in GS models, elegant sedan that will not compromise in combining opulence and driving pleasure. To bet the maximum, however, the choice is represented by Admiral LS: the maximum in terms of finish and smooth running.

For lovers of open-air driving, Lexus offers the solution by removing a door coupe-cabriolet in the dynamic IS, while for those who prefer a high driving position, the answer is represented by the range of the RX SUV, dominated by the strong version of 450h consumption extremely low: according to the House is able to travel 100 km in mixed content with just 6 liters of petrol despite having almost 300 hp and weigh more than 2,000 kg.

Finally, for those who love the track but is tired of the usual supercar, Lexus offers an alternative to 560 hp and 325 km / h: the sporty LFA built on only 500 units.

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