Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lotus Evora S by PB Racing: Gran Turismo copyright

In the heart of Monza, the circuit that hosts the F1 championship, the last theater Intereuropa Cup, we had the opportunity to drive a particular, personally supervised by the official driver of the Lotus, and the owner of the PB Racing Stefano D'Aste . The car in question is a S Evora, a sport that needs no introduction, further re-launched under the amendments made by the PB Racing on the same indications Auction using the same model under construction in the GT4 European Championship for the GT.

In its white livery, the Evora S looks elegant and sporty at the same time, especially if you look at his set of 2 cm lower than the standard version, and the splendid set of 19-inch alloy wheels on the front and 20 inches at the rear of the matte black color drawn directly from Stefano D'Aste.

Another strong point of this car lies in the triple tailpipes featuring the rear view and produces a true automotive symphony. Inside the leather seats stand out in red and the details of dashboard and door trim the same shade. In this configuration, which makes slight changes, but significant, the Evora S is even more satisfying version of the series but never vulgar, and above all, is not at all weighed down in its silhouette.

If the car body work has been soft, his heart has received a significant injection of power through a new full exhaust system consists of new intake manifolds, a different middle and from the tailpipe to triple output. After these modifications, the 3.5-liter V6 Toyota home, with two-lobe Eaton supercharger is capable of releasing about 390 hp 350 hp against the standard of Evora.

This ensures superior performance compared to 277 km / h top speed of Evora S "conventional" and improves the shot of the Lotus series, acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h, stop the stopwatch on the time of 4 , 8 seconds. But the numbers are cold and meaningless until you get on and do not personally experienced the many feelings that this coupe from the traditional English charm manages to give every time he sinks his right foot on the accelerator.

Even when taking out a hollow sound envelops the cockpit, a music that after 4,000 rpm becomes a true symphony notes that screams of pleasure from the three rear exhaust pipes. With the S Evora PB Racing, you start to drive on normal roads and after a few kilometers you find yourself in a dogged search for tunnels and open the throttle and share with other drivers his sound exciting.

Extraordinary for its agility and speed with which it responds to driver input, the Lotus Racing signed PB enhances the nth degree the characteristics of a car designed for driving, anything seems possible with the small steering wheel in his hands, but before to pull all his horses is better think twice because if you dare too much Evora answers in this way, from thoroughbred to race he is, so best not to overdo it with the gas, especially in output from the winding paths and evaluate the first well to launch in the fast corners.

On the other hand, the signature of Stefano D'Aste on the left rear pillar and that of Jean Alesi in the vicinity of the sill left, represent an important clue about the skills that you need to tame the extreme driving. In everyday driving, however, despite the many horses available, the Evora S produced by PB Racing behave in an irreproachable manner and its stability gives security to those who are not accustomed to high power.

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