Thursday, June 9, 2011

Maininki Concept car becomes modular

Why having to choose between a comfortable and spacious sedan or a more manageable and compact city car when you can have both at the same time? It is with this introduction from Northern Europe, namely Finland, arrives with a particular proposal on four wheels: the Maininki Concept, a four-seater luxury sedan with adjustable frame, able to adapt to different needs for space and thus offer a suitable vehicle virtually all occasions.

Designed by Antti Eskel the Maininki Concept shows an unconventional appearance, characterized by flowing lines and highly futuristic, with the upper body composed of curious and low glass-covered opening up, which should make no small accessibility. The frame of variable length allows you to get this prototype configuration that favors the space on board to one that, by reducing clutter, makes it easier to maneuver in city driving and when parking, putting in theory as a vehicle suitable for a bit 'at all.

The Concept Maininki is almost certainly destined to remain a mere exercise in style, because its bold shapes appear distant from the canons of their current production car. It is therefore likely that this particular sedan, however, remain the main concept, which sees the extreme modularity of a possible outlet for the car of the future.

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