Tuesday, June 14, 2011

MPV Fiat 500 rendering, the proposed way of a reader

Our reader David Obendorfer, industrial designer, sent us these interesting graphic reconstructions of a possible 500 Fiat MPV. "According to information available, the replacement for the Fiat Idea (" L0 "code) is stylistically quite different, but it is conceivable that Fiat has planned to launch a" Family-sixteenth "in the U.S.

market. The mathematics of the model that you see in the pictures was built by calculating floor space and mechanical point of EVO / MiTo. As owner of a 500 I found interesting experiment of any other models that could arise if the 500 had become a sort of family. The stylistic and logical volumes of the 500 version after all hold a minivan.

" Beyond the excellent graphic design, we must admit that the end result is certainly successful: not hard to believe that a car like this could have some commercial success if it actually produced.

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