Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Lancia Ypsilon 2011: we tried to buy it

Has not yet been presented to the public in an official capacity in the halls was covered by a veil concealing the forms pending the planned launch by the House, but the new Lancia Ypsilon 2011 is already ordered, and so we tried to buy one. Obviously, it is not easy to choose, there are three versions: Silver, Gold and Platinum, a significant range of colors, and three engines with start & stop.

So we went in the dealership where we hosted a young seller, in line with the spirit of the car. Analyzing the standard equipment, at least those that we receive from the seller, the brochure shows many beautiful pictures, but in terms of content is not as comprehensive, our contact us immediately redirects to the construction saying that Gold has a good value for money.

But before turning to the usual calculation of the real value of the car, what then is applied to paper, let's try to understand what does the new Ypsilon. The base, or the Silver, but little, according to what we have been told would not have either the standard manual climate, nor the radio, for these two "optional" would take, respectively, 900 € and 450 €.

In practice, the Ypsilon access offers standard front and side airbags, central locking with remote control, automatic start & stop, and active safety features like ESP, ASR and a Hill Holder, or control Stability, Traction and assistance for hill starts. Thicker the envelope of Gold that is enriched by the manual air conditioning, car radio, the electric folding mirrors and stands in the cockpit because the steering wheel and gear knob and leather upholstery fabric differently.

The top is the Platinum, which also offers 15-inch alloy wheels, electric rear windows, fog lamps, rear head restraints and leather interior. Also, for those looking for a more complete car is available that includes the Pack Tekno the rear sensors, rain sensor, cruise control, USB port, the infotainment system Blue & Me and the TomTom Live.

But must, as towards the fair sex, he says the vendor is the Style Pack, which includes the sunroof, tinted windows, chrome wing mirror, the insignia for the crystals in glossy black, with the copritappeti strasse and even coverage of the key with Swarovski. Each package, there are 4 in total, it costs € 1100 and makes it even more appealing to the new Ypsilon.

To really understand how much the new "small" Lancia, we started from below, requiring the cost of the 1.2 69 bhp Silver white, because it's fashionable. This version is priced at € 12,400, but you must add 400 € for the paint (the only one who pays is not an improbable red crayon) of IPT and 196 € for a total of € 12,996, € 12,300 to become a discount applied by the seller.

If we were to opt for petrol driven by Ypsilon Air Twin 85 hp engine, the increased cost of 1,200 €, whereas if our choice would fall on a more lively 95 bhp 1.3 Multijet, the disbursement would increase by € 2,300. At this point, the seller acts making note that the base is not the version to buy, because if I mounted the climate and the radio would increase the price for the 1.2 69 bhp at 13,650 €, while the 1.2 Gold, pre-assembled number of these accessories has a final price (discounted) of 13,200 €.

In practice, the discount on Gold is 1096 €, while the Silver is just € 696. Obviously, the costs are also rising for the Gold, if you opt for the other engines, and can reach € 14,800 to € 15,900 Twin Air and for the Multijet. Given our interest, the sales consultant, try to test the ground giving us a glimpse at the more chic version, the Platinum in an investment fund with more body you can have the most glamorous Ypsilon.

We listen with interest and we note that the 1.2 Platinum, compared to Gold, has a higher cost of 1,600 euro, for a total of 14,800 €, not bad when compared with the leather interior and alloy wheels. If we choose our choice fell on a power unit with Twin Air Platinum, Platinum or a diesel, the cost increase to € 16,000 in the first round round event, and € 17,200 in the second.

In short, the Ypsilon arrives on the market offering wide and many colors to be more fashionable: from white (400 €), three-layer white cloud and the colors red flame (1,000 €), through the metallic shades (450 €) mica (500 €) and two-tone (900 €). Lancia ensures that the commercial offer you over 600 different customizations: what better way to give "sew tailor its Ypsilon, subject however to lose a lot 'of time studying the list with your hands in your hair ..


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