Saturday, June 11, 2011

Nurburgring Ring Taxi are back, but no Sabine

The "taxi" world's fastest return of adrenaline to inflame the hearts of tourists ready to take passengers as Green Hell, but still be a star for a spin. After the financial problems that had led to a cancellation of the service, the company that organizes the race has announced the return to the track with some new features.

First, the car will be the BMW M3 sedan with its 420 hp is half worthy of the many curves of the 'Ring. The Sport replaces the Bavarian sister M5 which was made famous also by its "host" the charismatic Sabine Schmitz. Unfortunately, along with the M5, was suspended from service even the nice woman pilot who made inroads into the hearts of fans for his engaging character and his aggressive driving.

In its place will sit behind the wheel of the M3 sedan BMW Driving Experience instructors of the program that still represent a guarantee. Thus, the pilgrimage to the holy land of the engines did not miss one of life's most suitable even if you have to admit that the idea to board the mighty M5, sport to testosterone by definition, to be darts along the famed German track by a blonde capable of driving as colleagues of the "stronger sex" had a completely different charm.

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