Friday, June 10, 2011

Pirate prides itself on the road accident Facebook

A 16 year old from Sondrio to absolve the parents car, causing a road accident on the Valmalenco and walks away without rendering assistance to the victim, stuck in the other car. The story goes bad on Facebook, where the teenager has also boasted of the photograph showing his father's car damaged after frontal impact and presented as a trophy.

But it was the access to social networks meant that his exploits were discovered a few weeks after the fact, giving way to the Traffic Police of Sondrio to identify it and report it with three of offense: driving without a license, fleeing after : accident with personal injury and wrongful death.

This kind of confession made to investigators on Facebook is served as definitive proof of his guilt: the scene of the accident, in fact, were found fragments of the body matched perfectly with the car model and color of the young.

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