Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Renault Laguna Sport Tourer 1.5 dCi: the French estate

Magazine in so many little details, the Lagoon has shown all its changes at the Paris Motor Show 2010 and has expanded its standard equipment that is now also full-bodied versions of access as the 1.5 dCi Sport Tourer NAV of our test. With this engine, the daughter of downsizing, the Renault wagon is aimed at families looking for a car comfortable, spacious and great autonomy.

Since its debut, the lagoon was refined in detail and now his style is more effective, especially in front, thanks all'inedita grille, the headlights with cover and new chrome and black mask. The side remains slim because of the length of the car (4.80 meters) and is characterized by a roof that drops down to give it a more dynamic.

The 16-inch alloy wheels lend elegance to the collection, while the third cut of the window gives the car its originality. In the rear view prevails equilibrium with the headlights flush with the door around the large chamber of the plate. The whole idea gives the car aerodynamic, made to travel in the air with the long hood and its fleeting silhouette.

The interior of the Laguna are characterized by a linear design, with an elevated bridge in the central area and in the portion that houses the instrument panel. Covered with soft plastic inserts is heightened by the silver and has so much technology as standard. In fact, in the central 5.8-inch screen can display all the information of TomTom integrated joypad can be controlled by a central tunnel in the media.

Do not miss the dual-zone automatic climate control, which is managed through an intuitive controls placed in front of the gear lever, the bluetooth handsfree kit and an audio system with steering wheel controls and inputs for external sound sources. The space is also good for those sitting behind and the boot has a load capacity of large, 508 dm3, of up to 1593 dm3 broke down the rear seat.

Of course, concealed compartments under the floor can accommodate only small objects no taller than 4 cm, but the load floor and regular and well exploited. In Laguna everything is designed in the name of rationality, but the controller to manage the navigation system is not very intuitive, especially if you are engaged in the guide, and needs some getting used to be fast.

The Laguna is designed for travel and his attitude has been calibrated for comfort, so the bumps are digested with ease and also the winding roads are no problem. Driven by a 1.5 dCi 110 hp, the station of the diamond line via fluid and, while not a cue from sports, from zero to 100 km / h takes longer than 12 seconds, always ensures decent shots because of the turbo that helps to release a torque of 240 Nm from 1,750 rpm.

With this engine also winks at the Lagoon environment by emitting only 120 g / km of CO2. Addressed at a moderate pace in the paths the French station travels quiet and springy, but when you need to address the street with a determined look, influenced by the soft suspension setting and the size of the body.

In fact, the pseudo McPherson front axle and rear H-shaped contrasting with strong tendency to understeer and the eventual closure of the trajectories of the rear during emergency maneuvers, even with the help of electronic systems, but in some situations it is necessary to have good reflexes to return the car on the racing line.

Better to put the attention on a version equipped with 4 wheel steering if you have a lively temperament driving. Wizard in a relaxed manner, as befits a good family man, with good mileage rewards Lagoon, in the order of 14 km / allows it to tackle long motorway journeys without having to resort often to the attention of the petrol station.

The steering is light, the gearbox is operated in a smooth and there is no need to change down to regain speed. The Laguna 1.5 dCi Sport Tourer NAV of our test car is equipped with all the options but these are few and are limited to metallic paint, the spare wheel and a safety net for the luggage compartment.

Everything else, from the integrated browser to the alloy wheels, through the rear parking sensors, handsfree bluetooth, the assisted parking brake, the automatic switching of headlamps and wipers and cruise control is strictly standard. All for € 25,350, a figure that should be added Metallic paint € 600, € 100 the spare wheel and 160 euro for the network boot.

In short, with € 26,210 in the garage you can park a wagon full-featured that do not really miss anything.

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