Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Stress from traffic? A little 'music and everything passes

It is now common ground: a ride in the morning is tantamount to bear a considerable physical and psychological stress, especially if you live in big cities, if the workplace is far from home and if you are men. For the so-called stronger sex, in fact, the situation is worse as shown by a study commissioned by TomTom and conducted by UK-ICM Research, which surveyed 10,000 drivers in 11 European countries including Italy.

Everything was possible with the scientific criteria, with the presence of a psychologist who has measured levels of cortisol in the blood, true indicators of stress. The thing that catches the eye is that this hormone begins to grow after just 20 minutes in traffic and is higher in men than in women (up to 7 times more) to the extent that health may be affected, as acknowledged by the 47 % of respondents who reported fatigue, decreased difeseimmunitarie, blood glucose increased, back pain and headaches after a few minutes spent in queue behind the wheel despite the car manufacturers are doing everything to make it more comfortable and the interior of cars.

To say that it is time wasted, is not correct. What is certain is that the influence of traffic on the driver is truly remarkable and increases aggression, particularly in men as in women increases the sense of panic. What to do to combat this malaise? Since you do not stop working more or move house is too complicated, the remedy - the researchers - would be to listen to music.

What? The ICM Research gave an answer to this: no Mozart, Chopin or Beethoven, but different songs cataloged according to a sort of hit parade notified by the motorists themselves. In the square head is "I Want to Break Free" by Queen, followed by the timeless "Take it easy" by the Eagles (which translated means "take it easy") and "Highway to Hell" by AC / DC, for some, could it lead to a nervous breakdown even before getting out of the car.

In the fourth and fifth two cult songs, "Drive My Car" by the Beatles and "On The Road Again" by Willie Nelson. Classical music, at this point, better listen to your living room.

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