Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Suzuki Swift hybrid plug-in, arriving in 2013

First the rumors have been circulating on the future Suzuki Swift hybrid plug-in electric extended-range variant that should be introduced on the Japanese market by 2013. In what has been learned, the new model will be characterized by the presence of a gasoline engine that will be tasked to recharge the lithium-ion batteries, which will fuel the electric engine that has the task to move the car.

The Japanese press, which come from the entries for this ecological version of the Suzuki Swift, also talked about a range of about 30 km using only the energy stored in batteries, while still some assumptions about its derivation from a prototype Plug-in Hybrid Swift presented at the Tokyo Motor Show 2009 (characterized by the presence of a three-cylinder petrol engines from 600 cc and an asynchronous electric motor with 55 kW and 180 Nm of torque).

Initially marketed in Japan and only later exported to America and Europe, the future Swift plug-in hybrid is expected to cost a bit 'more than the traditional versions with engines, as the list price might start with about 2 million yen, equivalent approximately € 17,400.

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