Monday, June 13, 2011

Suzuki Swift plug-in hybrid

Suzuki Swift could launch the Plug-in Hybrid in 2013, during the first redesign of the range Swift. The news comes from the Japanese press has been taken from the debut LeftLane and indicate the Japanese domestic market, which could follow the marketing in Europe and the United States. The car should come from Swift Plug-in Hybrid concept unveiled at Tokyo 2009, with the body of the previous generation, with a 660 cc 60 hp engine used as a range extender, combined with a 74 hp electric motor.

The autonomy of the single charge of lithium batteries, located in the central tunnel, estimated to reach 30 km. According to the previews, the hybrid version could be raised about U.S. $ 25,000, approximately 17,400 Euro at current exchange rates. The choice and specification of the model, however, could weigh the agreement with Volkswagen, both technically and commercially the VAG group could decide to import or not to release, or to integrate technology into their arrival also on future hybrid models .

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