Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tires: Bridgestone raises price

The tire maker Bridgestone announced a significant increase in list prices on its products, due to the continuing rise in raw material costs. According to an official statement issued by the Japanese manufacturer, from July 1 will be adjusted on the lists in various ways, depending on the countries where the products will be distributed and the type of groups they belong to the tires.

A detailed analysis of the rise in prices, we find an average increase of 12% for tires for heavy vehicles such as trucks and a bus, those of agriculture, off-road vehicles and for the retread products will be increased by 8%, while the tires passenger car, light commercial vehicles and motorcycles will increase by 5%.

According to the statements of Makio Ohashi, CEO and President of Bridgestone Europe, the increases are attributable to the cost of raw materials and in particular to those who keep the rubber on the high side. Ohashi also said that his company is constantly monitoring the market fluctuations on the prices of raw materials.

The Japanese manager was also justified by saying that Bridgestone is making every effort to streamline production by eliminating waste and absorb the costs, at the same time offering the highest quality possible. Among the causes of rising raw material is certainly the strong demand for natural rubber by China which has to satisfy the internal market for cars in strong growth in coming years could reach 20 million.

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