Monday, June 13, 2011

Toyota: The car-sharing pool and "electric"

Toyota in Japan in 2012 will test the car-sharing pool, a project which will run from spring into two condominiums in the prefecture of Tokyo and one in the prefecture of Aichi, where the protagonists are two examples of the Prius plug-in electric and small iQ . The cars will be operated by some companies to hire and leasing which is already operating vehicles the Toyota group and will benefit from special parking areas and new charging infrastructure created for the occasion.

What is new is the availability of vehicles not so much on a small town, as already happens in many cities in the world, but on a more restricted scope connected precisely condominium, which lends itself well to a cross and shared use of ' label for car journeys can be as short range such as city driving.

The project will be born from the collaboration of the Japanese manufacturer and some action such as the Nomura Real Estate and Daikyo Incorporated, with the contribution of Transport Machinery which will be entrusted with the task of designing and building new parking lots.

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