Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Toyota: "We want to be the best to customer"

Toyota is no longer interested in being the leading manufacturer in the global market: the new target is to instead be the first manufacturer with regard to customer service and satisfaction. According to Satoshi Ozawa, executive vice president of the Japanese giant, there is no real meaning in being the first to sales numbers, Toyota would never have had this goal in its history.

But in the past the company has expressed a desire to take a share of 15% of the global market, whereas, in other words, it means to be the manufacturer who sells more than ever. This year, because of the devastation that has hit Japan, the home record predicts a decline in profits by 31%.

It 'goes without saying that this situation benefits the VW group, increasingly determined to wrest the leadership to Toyota, which has held since 2007, when he passed for the American company General Motors vehicles sold.

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