Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Trivia: the most ill-fated car in the UK is the Honda FR-V

The British site Confused. com, which specializes in comparing the price of insurance, has developed a curious time statistics to track cars more or less unfortunate currently on sale in the UK. No mention of course unfortunate in the sense of the word, but rather to share in the relationship between circulating copies and incidents recorded.

At the end of the survey was the first Honda FR-V, with 466 incidents over 2,529 specimens (18.4%), followed by the Volvo XC90 (15.9%), the Lexus RX (15.5%) and the Mazda5 (15.3%). The top ten end with the Honda Jazz and CR-V, Volkswagen Touran, Hyundai Santa, Mazda3 and Toyota Rav. Auto luckiest was elected the Mazda2, thanks to a relationship between car accidents and quite favorable: 9 claims per 1076 owners, less than 1%.

Are positioned just above the first two high-end cars (Nissan GT-R and Ford Focus RS) and the Fiat 500, which the UK enjoys a remarkable status.

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