Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Video: Flying touch screen

Researchers at the University of Stuttgart are investigating a new type of touch screen wheel. Over the past have we seen break out of fashion multifunction steering wheel, repeating commands already in the dashboard to simplify the life of the driver, operating an increasing number of functions from the audio to the multimedia display screens from the cruise control until the presence of the shift paddles behind the steering wheel itself.

It is from this basis the trial got under way in the subject, trying to integrate even more simple and intuitive controls available. There are still any doubts, mainly due to the possible distraction of a similar system, but the researchers thought the new steering wheel as a system to be used in combination with the advanced versions of head-up display: the movements of the fingers in menus are then visible in the windshield without having to look away, and would come easily and quickly through the automatic that every driver takes getting to grips with the controls of the car.

The central part of the steering wheel, however, could also project images, such as map navigation, allowing movement and operations on the map with your fingers with a much broader view than the current screens on board. In small, the only house to introduce a similar system is Audi, which added to the MMI system of handwriting recognition.

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