Thursday, June 9, 2011

Volvo comes with remote control iPhone

Volvo has launched a mobile application for iPhone or Android smartphone that allows the owner of the means of keeping in touch with it after it is parked, being able to control and monitor from a distance. It is a sort of novelty in the automotive field, which comes to meet specific needs by users. "Our aim - said Stefan Jacoby, president and CEO of Volvo - is to create an intuitive environment and optimized, providing our customers a feeling of relaxed control of their vehicle through a wider range of network connectivity options , and when they are on board and when they are down.

" This new application is an extension of Volvo On Call, originally conceived to provide direct access to a call center in case of any accident or other emergency, and available in 13 European countries. Those who purchase the Volvo launched in 2012, will be able to download the new application through the application storeper iPhone and Android devices.

But what are the features of this new Volvo? You can easily locate your car through a map and a compass pointing due to the owner where to go back on their bikes. Even be able to launch the "4 arrows" or the horn to find it at a glance. Like a science fiction movie, you can control the closing of the doors and change the state at will by simply touching the screen.

Especially useful for cold winter days (particularly severe in Scandinavia), you can turn on the heating at a distance. There is an option that works on the dashboard and check the fuel level or reading the odometer, perhaps after having verified that the car is "healthy" and has no faults or abnormalities on light bulbs, brake fluid level or oil.

Especially useful for company cars is the "log book" that provides access to a memory that contains all data paths on the road in the last 40 days, with the possibility to extract the data as excel file. But there are new features on the horizon, where Stefan Jacoby would not release details.

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