Monday, April 18, 2011

Hyundai brings economical base engine for H-1 H-1 Travel and Cargo

Hyundai, the entry-level engine for the eight-seater minibus H-1 Travel and Transportation H-1 Cargo extensively revised. The 2.5-liter common-rail diesel engine delivers now 85 kW / 116 hp and complies with standard particulate filter, thanks to the Euro 5 standard. As maximum torque 343 newton meters in the speed range 1500-2250 rpm available.

Equipped with a new six-speed manual transmission is one of the H-1 at 85 kW / 116 PS, the total consumption as H-1 travel in the 7.5 liter diesel, with CO2 emissions of 197 g / km (H-1 cargo : 7.6 liters and 199 g / km). Compared with the base engine offered so far to fall fuel consumption by 0.8 liters of diesel (H-1 Cargo: 0.7 liters), despite an increase in output of 4 kW / 6 hp.

The H-1 travel with the 85 kW unit in the equipment line Classic at the price of 23 520 euros (gross: 988.80 € 27) available. The price list for the H-1 Cargo begins at a net price of 20 890 euros (gross: 24 859.10 €). Program remains unchanged in both body styles, the 125 kW / 170 hp top engine.

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