Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bmw Concept Video i3

Second batch of videos, this time dedicated to the BMW Concept i3: Car proudly presents the architecture of the LifeDrive, which makes the car light and extremely safe. With an output of 125 kW and a torque of 250 Nm from standstill, the electric motor provides respectable performance: 0 to 60 km / h in under four seconds and 100 km / h is reached in less than eight seconds.

The maximum speed is 150 km / h self-limiting. Optional Range Extender (REX) that will increase your autonomy: this is a small internal combustion engine that powers the very quiet operation an alternator to maintain a constant state of battery charge, so that they can power the car through the 'electric motor.

Bmw Concept Video i8

Last selection of videos dedicated to the new BMW Concept i8: it is a 2 +2 coupe that combines the electric motor modified BMW Concept i3 with a three-cylinder internal combustion engine "high performance". Together, the two engines accelerate the car up to 250 km / h, then the limitation acts of 'mail.

The electric engine of the BMW Concept i8 is also capable of powering the vehicle alone. BMW proudly declares that "any vehicle equipped with an engine of this power level is currently able to offer an 'acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in under 5 seconds and a European cycle fuel consumption of less than 3 l ".

Video Aston Martin One-77

Aston Martin has released a new short video of the One-77, the exclusive 12-cylinder supercar for more than 1 million Euro, which is virtually hand assembled by specialists of the British brand. Unfortunately there are few pictures taken from the coupe, but the melody of its 7.3-liter, 700 hp is unmistakable.

The design combines the classic styles of the current Aston with many small details unknown: the shape of the front bumper retractable rear wing, to the minimalist interior and rear suspension from the scheme much racing. In a few will be able to drive this supercar, but it is likely that future Aston Martin models are partly derived from this important project experience, beginning with the next generation of the DB9.

ABT Volkswagen Tiguan

ABT shows the first images of tuning accessories dedicated to the Volkswagen Tiguan Restyling. Aesthetically, the car features new front grille, lower rear bumper modified to accommodate the sports tailpipes, rear spoiler and decorations to be applied at the bottom of the doors. The structure is also modified sport lowering springs and dampers, while the alloy wheels are available in various designs from 18 "to 20".

BMW and i3 i8 concept: new official photos

BMW has released two new official gallery i8 i3 and concept, the two prototypes that represent the entry of the German company in the field of electric cars and plug-in hybrid. Long announced, the two cars are already quite close to the standard product in the interior: the i8, in particular, has changed a lot compared to the Vision EfficientDynamics.

The two models share the extensive use of CFRP, propose two different solutions for mobility, with the vocation i3 town with 125 kW electric engine and rear and optional Range Extender i8 thought of as an uncompromising sports car, with performance sports hybrid and plug-in: the front-mounted electric is that of i3, while the rear axle is a 3-cylinder turbocharged 164 kW.

Fiat Uno Convertible: video of the prototype

The Fiat Uno is a car in Brazil that gives a nod to the young and the various versions that have followed from the time of submission in 2010 are consistent with this target: the new Fiat Uno was also conducted as a convertible version prototype and, after the official images, now is the first video.

Tested on the track, the Fiat Uno Convertible proves to be at ease among the curbs due to a direct steering and turbo diesel 1.4 engine, the front wheels can transmit power of 152 horses. The top speed is electronically limited amounts to 202 km / h. But be careful not to exaggerate the curves: the One Convertible is devoid of the ESP electronic stability control and the risk of losing control at high speeds is high.

Mercedes to keep pace with the competition to increase production

Mercedes needs to increase its production capacity: According to the CEO of the German manufacturer, Dieter Zetsche, there is no other solution if you want to stay in the slipstream to Audi and BMW vehicles produced. In the first six months of the year BMW has sold 690,000 units and 653,000 Audi, Mercedes has instead stop at 611,000 representing an increase of +9.7%, a significant difference when compared to the increases Audi, BMW, and +18%, +17% .

Maserati GranTurismo S Superior Black Edition by Anderson Germany

Anderson Germany has developed this special Maserati GranTurismo S, referred to as Superior Black Edition. Aesthetically, the car stands out for its abundance of carbon fiber parts that adorn the beautiful Italian car body of the coupe. The body kit includes a new CFRP hood, side mirror caps, aerodynamic fascia and specific.

The powerful V8 delivers 4.7 now well 492 hp (instead of 440): also on the new, and certainly not very discreet, the exhaust system. Bad new alloy wheels 21 "tires mounted 265 mm front and 295 rear. The car also boasts a new low stance that emphasizes the sporty nature even more. Inside this special Maserati wins a fine workmanship of the leather and Alcantara, working with contrast stitching.

Friday, July 29, 2011

New Honda Civic 2012: video teaser

Il will not be a revolution, but even a simple evolution that affect the New Honda Civic, ready to be revealed to the public at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The compact Honda House was deeply revised to suit the tastes of European motorists. No coincidence that differs considerably from the car and heads for America and a lot on driving impressions, which will confirm the quality of the outgoing model and undergo further growth.

BMW Concept i3: the power of Monaco

The BMW Concept i3 will be the first electric vehicle of the Bavarian house to come to market in 2013: it is a compact five-door four-seater 3.85 meters long, which will debut a new brand that will combine all the BMW vehicles with alternative propulsion that will arrive shortly. The BMW Concept i3 can be seen up close the next Frankfurt Motor Show 2011 with the Concept Sports and i8 is driven by an electric motor with 170 horsepower (125 kW) and 250 Nm of torque placed on the rear axle capable of providing acceleration from 0 100 km / h in under eight seconds, for a total range of up to 160 km.

Toyota Prius Coupe in 2014?

It seems destined to grow the family of the Toyota Prius, the hybrid will average over the next few years increase the number of variants offered, until you get to be almost a brand in itself offer interior Toyota. With a spacious seven-passenger Prius Plus coming in early 2012 will provide a first example of "extended family" for the Japanese hybrid, but according to rumors that arrive from England one of the most interesting variants appears to be just the Prius Coupe sporty version of the range characterized by a very aggressive line, with taut lines and sharp very effective in giving a certain dynamism to the whole.

Toyota Prius Coupe

Toyota is considering the idea of launching a Prius Coupe from 2014. The model sitting alongside Prius Prius C and V, and help to change the image of the hybrid Japanese television commercial of the last half also reflected the will of the manufacturer to remove the image of a Prius only linked to the world of ecology and not lovers of the automobile.

Early rumors suggest that the car could be based on the new generation of rear-drive Lexus GS, a platform for the truth that seems too big and imposing for a Prius. If the hypothesis GS was founded instead we might expect a car that would run not only at the top of the range but probably also of the Prius Toyota.

Diesel engines? Dangerous for the heart

Diesel Engines and health do not mix. The warning is the University of Edinburgh, who published a study that closely correlate the nanoparticles emitted from diesel vehicles and heart attacks caused by blood clots caused by air pollution. The Scottish University has monitored several volunteers living in urban areas by comparing the reactions of those who had been in contact with the exhaust gases of diesel engines, which contain large particles that penetrate one thousandth of a millimeter in the lungs directly influencing blood pressure and transported directly into the cells of known harmful substances in the human body.

New Porsche 911 Turbo: Spy video

First video for the new Porsche 911 Turbo, expected to debut at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show held in March 2012. Surprise at a petrol station, the new Porsche 911 Turbo version has been spotted during testing along the challenging roads of the Sierra Nevada, the desert not far from Granada, Spain. Camouflage blanket to read and free of the traditional fixed-wing, Porsche 911 Turbo 2012 is recognized for the highest number of air intakes than the version Carrera, the greater width of roadway for the dedicated exhaust system.

Exclusive Editions for the BMW X5 and X6

BMW has announced that during next year's Frankfurt Motor Show will present two new special editions for the BMW X5 and X6. They differ from the original in several aesthetic details. The Frankfurt show is about being the first major exhibition of the car after the holiday period. Although it will not take place until September, and we are no reports of the various brands on their plans and presentations will take place there.

Chevrolet Cruze comes the 5-door

Italy comes in 5-door version of the Chevrolet Cruze, the car brand after the debut of the American sedan currently expanding the range of an average compact versions offering that leverages a spacious cabin, an attractive design and 3 petrol engines , diesel and bi-fuel petrol / LPG. According to the President and CEO Wayne Brannon brand new 5-door Cruze "will give the opportunity to extend our presence in the compact segment." Three engines precisely.

Toyota Prius: two new spots in the U.S.

Who said that Toyota Prius is a car made just for intellectuals, environmentalists, pacifists, radical chic, people familiar with the problems of the planet, and so boring couch potatoes? Someone said. In fact more than anyone for the truth. And just to shake off this kind of image, the Japanese manufacturer has launched a couple of commercials for its new hybrid in the U.S..

The hero is Steve Nash, star of the Phoenix Suns, who play in the NBA training. The sport does not bother to scrub-in the most free-parking in an old woman, nor to humiliate one of his fans came to ask for an autograph.

Infiniti JX: fifth official teaser

Infiniti unveils a new official teaser, the fifth, devoted to Infiniti JX: this time is a view of almost three quarters prior to reveal the shape of the car. Stylistically there is a lot of large sedan M: the cutting of the grille and headlights are very similar and also very pleasant. The headlights are longer on the side.

Please note that the car will debut as a concept car at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance next scheduled from August 18, 2011. The standard version will instead be unveiled at the Los Angeles Motor Show (18-27 November 2011) to arrive in dealerships in America in the spring of 2012.

2012 Dodge Charger and Challenger SRT8

Other than downsizing. The traditional stars and stripes of the car "gun" is more alive than ever. If we have is the recent introduction of super-cars with more than 306 hp, overseas the old saying "The more powerful, better" shows no signs of waning. And 'these days the news of a sharp editing power versions of the "push" for the Dodge brand: next year, the SRT8 models built on the LX platform will bring the V8 HEMI, 6.4 and 6.6 respectively liter, 570 hp well.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

New Renault Twingo

A little over a month and a half of the celebration of the Frankfurt Motor Show, brands have begun to advertise their outstanding innovations. The new Renault Twingo is undoubtedly one of the stars in the German event. Changes in the front, forms the bonnet, Renault logo bigger, more upright and visible in the center ...

this is the letter of aesthetic presentation of the new Twingo. Significant modifications are also expected on the back, which has only been officially released an image of one of the optics. Full details of this new generation Renault Twingo shall know the Frankfurt Motor Show, to be held from 15 to 25 September.

Lexus GS: 4-cylinder turbo diesel

The new Lexus GS in its range, there will also a 4-cylinder turbo diesel, a split "strategy" is now used, with good sales results, from all direct competitors in Germany. The petrol engines and hybrids will continue to be the cornerstones of the GS lineup, but Lexus has it that the medium is affordable even to those who want to spend a little less without removing the sake of having a GS.

The 4-cylinder turbo-diesel sedan will be launched on the new Japan in 2013 and will allow the Japanese brand to have its say even among the executive car fleet business: an evolution based on the current 2.2-liter range, should ensure a capacity of at least 180 hp . In addition to the V6 3.5 and the hybrid model, offering GS will also feature a 2.5-liter V6 engine.

Mazda MX-5 and Mazda 2 Black Limited Edition

The new Mazda MX-5 and Mazda 2 is the new special editions for sale put the Japanese firm. More items of equipment and minor differences in design distinguish them. For now, the roadster will be built only 500 units, while the urban model a larger number, 618 units. What do you think? Leave your comments, the most interesting magazine published in the Highway.

If you prefer, debate the news in our forums. Inspired by the attractive Mazda MX-5 competing in the Britcar Championship GTN Production Championship of Great Britain, the Japanese manufacturer is launching two new special editions under the name Black Limited Edition. Models will receive this special series will be the Mazda MX-5 and Mazda 2.

Subaru Impreza XV revealed

The first images of the new Subaru Impreza XV are those relating to patents so that the new wagon / crossover Japanese reveals for the first time in its final form. The style is almost entirely derived from what we saw on the fifteenth Concept unveiled at Shanghai aggressive front, muscular and covered with plastic wheel arches and a fairly rough ground clearance to tackle rough terrain.

Under the hood should end up the same propulsion units of the Impreza "smooth": we speak of the four-cylinder turbo boxer shorts and up to 2 liters. The commercial debut of the model is expected for next year.

Audi A8 facelift ready by 2012

Audi is working on a slight facelift for the Audi R8 sports, prepared a facelift with the aim of reviving the image of the model after five years after its debut on the market. These are the voices that come from Ingolstadt and discussing news regarding not only the appearance but also and especially the part of the engine coupe.

Updated Audi R8 should come to market in 2012 and in addition to several minor stylistic innovations of which we still do not know the details should be presented with a welcome addition under the hood, where the 4.2-liter V8 would earn an additional 20 horses, bringing to deliver a total power of 444 hp, while supply would remain at the top of the powerful 5.2-liter V10 with power close to 533 horses.

Lamborghini Estoque convertible: arrives in 2015?

Interesting news coming from Sant'Agata Bolognese Emilia engineers would work on the Lamborghini Estoque convertible variant of the discovery of the four-door concept car unveiled at Paris 2008. According to a leaked document from the company owned by the Volkswagen group, the Lamborghini Estoque will arrive in dealerships in 2014, while the convertible version will be launched in 2015.

Under the hood of the new flagship of the Taurus V10 turbocharged engine comes an unprecedented, with a higher power to 600 horses and can not be ruled out a hybrid version built in collaboration with the engineers in Ingolstadt. Produced by drawing on the components of the Audi A8, Lamborghini Estoque aims to become a direct competitor of Ferrari FF.

Bentley turbo and twin turbo V8

Bentley will soon reveal the variations of the Continental V8, equipped with new engines, which we also see in the Audi range. More precisely, according to the advances of Autocar, the new generation 4-liter V8 will be offered in mono version 420 and 450 hp turbo and a twin turbo about 560 bhp. In all likelihood these differences will be kept at home Audi, where the 450 hp version will go into the hood of the S6 and RS6 bi-turbo in the future, leaving the 420 hp variant of the Continental.

Spy Shots Audi S8

He approaches the official debut of the new Audi S8: the proximity to the Frankfurt Motor Show, a showcase which will be presented to the public, the last drops from the body of camouflage and makes you discover the forklift that will distinguish the sporty version of the flagship of peppered Ingolstadt.

Shooting during testing in the Swiss Alps, the car offers the classic recipe aesthetic proven and award winning sales: the front fascia and rear sport specific taste but discreet. Managed the hint of lip-front spoiler. The final aesthetic configuration should also include a specific mask and chrome door mirror caps.

Ferrari sales and record revenues in the first half of 2011

At a time when sales of new cars in Italy are struggling to take off, the result stands out by Ferrari in the first half of 2011. The chairman of the board of directors, Luca di Montezemolo, took note of two records: the first is that of revenues, which reached 1.08 billion euro share representing a 19.6% over the same period of 2010 and the second concerns the number of cars delivered, registering a 11.8% to more than 3,577 total units.

Maserati: here are the new models, the SUV in Frankfurt?

Maserati wants to bring its production to 50,000 vehicles a year to do this, the Trident brand was conceived a brilliant offensive based on three business models. The first, and perhaps most significantly, a new sedan will be opposed to entry-level Audi A6, BMW 5 Series and Mercedes E-Class The "baby Quattroporte" should accompany the debut a new 3.0 V6 twin-turbo, direct injection and Multiair technology, derived from 3.6 Pentastar and capable of at least 400 hp of maximum power, more energy while maintaining acceptable.

Abarth 500 in November debut in the U.S.

The 500 Abarth will be destined to the U.S. market officially presented in November at the Los Angeles Motor Show in 2011, while the arrival in dealerships in the United States is planned for early 2012. The news comes directly from the U.S. division of the Lingotto, which has surprised everyone with its branch the new Twitter account, and therefore denying the rumors that speculated a possible debut in America's small Abarth before 2013.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Porsche Panamera long wheelbase: coming in 2012

There is only official confirmation to the production of long wheelbase nuovaPorsche Panameraa: sources within the company in Stuttgart confirmed as the flagship in the longer version will be marketed by summer 2012. The new Porsche Panamera long wheelbase, according to the "Deep Throat" who leaked the news, will have a longer wheelbase of 15 inches and longer will be about 31 cm, bringing the total length of 5.28 meters.

Chrysler: 570 hp SRT8 versions?

Recent versions sporting Chrysler 300 Dodge Charger SRT8 and SRT8 from 470 hp could receive a further injection of power in the coming months. According to the preliminary gathered by Autoblog. com, American home could in fact bring a kit to upgrade the V8 6.4-liter HEMI, capable of adding to the 100 hp engines, for a total of 570 hp thanks to an Eaton supercharger.

The kit may also be offered on cars already registered, but should also become an easy option for model year 2013, which should also use the new 8-speed automatic transmission. The change should not however be available for the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8, born on a different platform.

Hennessey Cadillac CTS-V V1000 Coup

Hennessey V1000 comes from the package, a rather extreme set of customizations for the Cadillac CTS-V Coupe, gaining a notable determination worthy of a supersport race, with some technical work of great interest cha almost completely change the face of American coupe . The Hennessey Cadillac CTS-V Coupe V1000 comes with a powerful V8 under the hood of 7-liter twin-turbo GM source that replaces the "smallest" 6.2 original, bringing the power output to 1,000 horsepower (hence the name of customization) to about 6,400 g / min, while torque comes to 1,286 Nm is on the new injectors, upgraded intercooler, a new crankshaft and a control unit which mapping has been changed.

Maserati GranTurismo sport: new official pictures

Maserati has designed a new gallery official GranCabrio Sport, the sportiest sedan in the range established on the basis of the GranTurismo. Unveiled at the last Geneva Motor Show, is equipped with the 4.7 V8 from 450 hp version with automatic transmission and 510 Nm ZF MC Auto Shift and software. And 'list available at 141,000 Euros and is easily recognizable than the GranTurismo for the aero kit and 20 "wheels, while the Triumphal Red dye is exclusive to this version and was created to celebrate the historic victory of Juan Manuel Fangio with 250F.

Hyundai i10

It is manufactured in India and comes with a new image, both internally and externally. Most striking, the very front twinned with the rest of the range. Hyundai We explain that since the segment of small 94 percent of sales are for petrol models, no longer made sense to bring the diesel engine. And if it makes sense in a market like the Spanish, as a lover of Diesel with or without economic justification ...

Lexus GS teaser video and photos of the interior

First official teaser video dedicated to the new Lexus GS will be presented as a show car at Pebble Beach next month. Motor Trend has had the opportunity to try a pre-series of the car, taking unprecedented photos of the interior, practically undressed. The target is to increase exponentially Lexus sales and gain market share from the German competition, still far ahead in terms of the market.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class Grand Edition

With a more sporty look by AMG and a series of internal changes comes this special edition of the Mercedes sedan representation, which turns 60 during this 2011. With 60 years and eleven generations behind the Mercedes S-Class is still considered one of the most elegant saloon of the brand. In order to keep current Mercedes launches a new special edition model, surnamed Grand Edition.

Includes various modifications both outside and inside, signed by AMG and gives it a more sporty S-Class without losing none of its elegance. Outside we see a front which includes a new honeycomb grille, while the rear is featuring a larger flap to the already known, which also integrates the tailpipes.

Nissan Leaf: 5-star American crash test

Nissan Leafha got five stars in NCAP test (New Car Assessment Program) conducted by the Department of Homeland Security U.S. NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). An important recognition for the average of Japan's new generation because it is the first electrically powered car that has been awarded the highest score in tests Americans.

Even more so when one considers that since the 2011 models, the stars and stripes Authority has introduced stricter requirements for testing and the allocation of 5 stars. Nissan Leaf has also been voted "Top Safety Pick" by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. "The Leaf is the first all-electric car to be awarded five stars for safety assessment - said Brian Carolin, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Nissan North America - The car then is not only the most innovative cars on the planet, but it is also the safest.

Hennessey Cadillac CTS-V Coupe V1000

Hennessey will realize the V1000, an elaboration of the extreme Cadillac CTS-V Coupe intended to be built in only 12 specimens. The 6.2 engine is no longer the original volume, but unV8 7-liter twin-turbo GM became capable of 1000 hp at 6400 rpm and 131 lb-ft of torque. With similar values in the field, the V1000 touches 370 km/h, reaching 100 km/h acceleration in just 3.5 seconds and 10.9 seconds scoring a great 400-meter.

Render BMW X4

First render "true" dedicated to the BMW X4: we use the term true because, according to the latest statements of a BMW engineer, the X4's styling will be very different from that of the X3, more than it is compared to that of the X6 X5. And probably even more than this graphic reconstruction suggests itself in relation to the style of the headlights and front grille.

According to the latest rumors of the project was temporarily put X4 on standby waiting to plan more thoroughly the details of the new platform of X5/X6: the target group of BMW engineers is to share in these models (including the X3 ) as many components as possible. But, as previously reported, the final confirmation of the arrival of Porsche Cajun indirectly gave the project the go-X4.

Mercedes AMG Black Falcon SLS GT3 at the 24 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps

Kenneth Heyer will lead the Mercedes AMG Black Falcon SLS GT3 at the 24 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps, his father, Hans, won the race in 1971 aboard another glorious star, the 300 SEL 6.8 AMG. In the race, which will be played this weekend, the SLS Kenneth will have the number 35, the same one that was printed on the body of the father of the 300 SEL.

"It 'a great honor - the pilot says-exactly 40 years after the success of my father, to lead the Black Falcon SLS AMG GT3 lines starting at the 24 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps. Along with the other riders in my team, I will try to get at least second place. The SLS AMG GT3 has the potential to take us on the podium but, as we all know, an endurance of 24 hours obeys its own laws."

BMW 1 Series M Coupe test

Some say that the BMW 1 Series M Coupe embodies the whole spirit of the creatures of the most prestigious sports department Motorsport, who compares it to the previous M3 because of its 6-cylinder car and who judges the most intriguing of the BMW range: to secure with its 340 hp promises pure adrenaline.

To try it out as it should, exploring the limits, we went to Misano, where the team of Siegfried Stohr, GuidarePilotare school, allowed us to fully understand the dynamic point of view on the track and unleash all its overwhelming cavalry. Compared to the M3, the BMW 1 Series M Coupe is more squat, less racy, but much more aggressive, it's like a wrestler who wears a shirt too tight, his widened wheel arches seem hardly contain the large 19-inch tires with asymmetrical 245/35 front and 265/35 at the rear.

Chrysler: 18 new models

There is an air of excitement in Auburn Hills headquarters in the Chrysler designers are working on 18 new vehicles, divided among 13 new models and 5 restyling. The new group will cover all models, including the heir to the Dodge Caliber platform designed from the beginning of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta.

Although not yet know the exact list of new models, confirmation of production of 18 new confirmed the health of the Chrysler Group "saved" by Sergio Marchionne has reversed course in less than 24 months, from a trademark close to the failure of a company capable of such profits. And what happens on the other side of the Atlantic? The situation is very different in Turin: Mirafiori working on the new point (called progettualmente 316), the movolume L0 and the new Panda, expected to debut at Frankfurt in 2011 to start next September 15.

BMW M5 F10: new official video

BMW spreads a new official video of the new M5, the highly anticipated sporty version of the 5 Series F10. Engaged on road and track, the new M5 takes advantage of the electronic control of each parameter to accommodate the wishes of the path and the driver, from silent step in the city with the force of the curbs.

The twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8 delivers 560 hp and 680 Nm of torque and is coupled to the M DCT gearbox 7-speed dual-clutch limited-slip differential and the AD Mmultiple discs. Compared to the old M5, the electronic trim, traction control and stability, engine and gearbox mapping is still larger, with double the M button on the steering wheel to select two different default setup, and a summary of the new display settings built into the main instrumentation.

Jaguar XJ X350 Black Bison Edition by Wald International

Japanese tuner Wald International preparing an interesting aesthetic processes / technology for the previous generation of the Jaguar XJ: The "X350 Sports Line Black Bison Edition" features a front spoiler, side skirts, rear fascia specific aerodynamic lip on the trunk and mounted on top edge of the rear window.

The car is also equipped with the sports exhaust and alloy wheels DTM Renovatio TW240 R12 21 "with tires 255/30 front and 295/25 rear.

Peugeot HDi technology-for 3008 and 5008

After the debut on renewed on average 308 and 508 hatchback, Peugeot offers a new technology-HDi-also known as "micro-hybrid" - models 3008 and 5008. The gradual introduction of this innovative device in the range of the French manufacturer, Peugeot will allow to cut down their consumption patterns in a very short time.

In detail, the technology-and HDi is based on the use of a second generation Stop & Start, which can reduce fuel consumption by 15%, while ensuring the time of restarting the engine very fast (400 milliseconds) and a almost imperceptible vibration. Also thanks to the Echo can calculate the times when the engine is turned off during the distance covered, as well as allows you to activate the standby mode when the engine traveling below 20 km/h.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Audi R8: more powerful engines and restyled in 2012

Audi R8 could modify the engines, and further improve the performance of their supersport, at a small facelift expected during 2012. Car has collected some advances, according to which the current V8 and V10 will be developed and combined with an automatic dual-clutch S-Tronic 7-speed, while there is no confirmation about the availability of the classic manual open grill.

The Lamborghini V10 source will increase from 525 to 540 hp, while the V8 will receive the same specifications as the RS5, and will deliver 450 bhp (compared to the current 430 and 420 of the first series). Do not miss the GT and GT Spyder editions: in this case, we could even see the arrival of the 570 hp variant used on the Gallardo Superleggera, compared to 560 hp variants present.

Alfa Romeo 4C: official video

For the first time Alfa Romeo 4C shows off her stunning lines between the curbs of a circuit: the manufacturer of Arese published the first official video of the concept car, committed between the curves of the track at Balocco. Undisputed queen of this year's Geneva Motor Show, Alfa Romeo 4C will be able to restore the splendor of the Italian brand: carbon frame designed by Dallara, 1750 TBI engine over 250 horsepower, rear-wheel drive and the forward rate dual-clutch represent a business card of absolute respect for the 4C concept.

Mercedes GLK: facelift for the 2013 model year

Despite the recent debut of 2008, the Mercedes GLK will soon undergo a facelift, which could debut as early as March 2012 at the Geneva Motor Show as a 2013 model year. The interventions will be of aesthetics and technique, motivated by the continuous evolution of all models from the German: the GLK will undergo some changes to the front, LED daytime running lights with new and different design of the grille, while the interior will probably propose a new console Central, by shifting the gear selector on the steering wheel like many other Mercedes models.

Daihatsu A-Concept, urban mobility

Daihatsu has unveiled at the Indonesia the A-Concept, a small city car that has low power consumption in their hallmark. Is set to hit the Asian market in just over a year. Although the Japanese brand Daihatsu has an expiration date at the European level, production continues.

The main virtues of this little 'concept' are its low price, still not confirmed, and a fuel consumption of 3.3 liters per 100 kilometers. However, the presentation in the Hall of Indonesia this A-Concept Daihatsu has not been without controversy, and there are many authoritative voices who accuse Japan's brand of plagiarism because the rear light system reminds suspiciously of Aston Martin Cygnet.

BMW 3.0 CSI Coupe

This video pays tribute to the wonderful BMW 3.0 CSI Coupe, sporty elegance of absolute from which the modern descendants Series 6. Made of 8,359 copies on horseback between 1971 and 1975, the car was fitted with a 6 cylinder in-line injection of 200 hp could push up to 220 km / h top speed. 3.0 The CIS was created with the intent to create a car from the sleek and sporty but able to remain at the same time not too flashy to become a symbol of prestige.

Spy Photos Mercedes GL

Mercedes is continuing its testing of the new generation of the GL-Class, expected during 2012. The lighter camouflage to better understand the line of taillights and a different pattern of the front, with LED daytime running lights and a new overall design more similar to the features of the new M-Class Renewed by the SUV will come also, probably, the shape of the rear bumper, while inside there are no changes of detail and a touch of design more "fresh" than the earlier generation of the GL, notwithstanding the availability of 7 seats in 3 rows.

Chrysler 300C Limousine for sale on eBay

It took the few months since its official presentation at the last Detroit Auto Show (10 to 24 January 2011), to transform the second generation of the Chrysler 300C in the new cult of the tuner and processing studio specializing in mechanical and aesthetic . Among the various transformations that have affected the new flagship of the House of Auburn Hills, sold in Italy next year as the Lancia Thema, this particular version definitely stands out limousines offered for sale by a dealer of the United States on a popular site online auctions.

Opel, a flagship Hydrogen in 2016

Opel flagship may make a fuel cell powered by hydrogen by 2016, with a forecast of about 20,000 copies a year. The car will be positioned above the current Insignia and may also be provided with conventional engines, but would serve mainly to push further the green image of the brand of GM. According to Automotive News anticipation of this new model has already been defined by the President of the Board Opel Klaus Franz like a "technology showcase", with cutting edge solutions for the hybrid propulsion and other innovations from the new electric Ampera .

New Honda CR-V

Honda has released the first image of the new generation CR-V. For now, many are not known to official data, but has confirmed that Europe will not arrive until fall 2012. What do you think? Leave your comments, the most interesting magazine published in the Highway. If you prefer, debate the news in our forums.

More modern and stylish, sporting details, tinted headlights, rear vertical optical properties, alloy wheels new bill ... these are the main lines of the fourth generation of SUV Honda's most successful worldwide, the CR-V. The Japanese brand has sold the CR-V with some success in 160 countries in Europe, Asia, North America, South America and Africa.

Mercedes MLC: confirmed the M-Class coupe

Mercedes has decided to propose a crossover sport to counteract the BMW X6. According to the advances obtained by Automotive News, the model is now certain and will be offered starting in 2015, exploiting the basic mechanics of the new M-Class The commercial code of the model should be MLC (GLS and not as previously stated) and the signing of project C166.

The car should be assembled in factories Americans of Tuscaloosa, where already born M-Class R-Class, GL-Class of 2014 will be assembled and where the C-Class

Lexus GS: debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2011

It will be the Concours d'Elegance at Pebble Beach in 2011 to be held next August 18 in California on the occasion of the premiere in public of the fourth generation of the Lexus GS, which then will make its official debut at the IAA 2011. The new series comes in a whole new way to replace the current model, in production since 2004 and now far exceeded in many ways.

With dimensions virtually identical to the model that will replace (4.85 meters long and wide will be 1.82), the new Lexus GS will be shown to the press with a design as usual simple but modern and elegant, which will anticipate the next news of the Japanese. The calendar will feature a trapezoidal design, while the interior will make a fine show materials such as wood Pellea joined by several metal elements, with the promise of plenty of space for passengers to the advantage of comfort on board.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Ruf CTR3 2011: extreme evolution from 750 hp and 386 km / h

Creator of unique vehicles in limited series, based on the Porsche, the Pfaffenhausen brand, always close to the production of Zuffenhausen, in these days has revealed the updated version of its flagship model, the CTR3 presented in 2007. Ruf CTR3 2011, evolution of the model that debuted in four years ago, is, therefore, even more powerful.

In fact, regarding the performance monster that is able to offer very little that they can rake in one. Although the starting point is the Porsche Cayman, in fact, the Ruf CTR3 "makeover" retained, as in the previous edition, the 6-cylinder "flat" source of 3.8 liters 911 (GT3 and Turbo S), with two supercharged turbochargers and placed in a central position.

Honda CR-V Concept

Honda has released the first image of the CR-V Concept, a prototype that anticipates rather faithfully the appearance of the new generation of crossover. Honda has previously shown virtually identical to the concept of the final models and the CR-V confirms everything I had already collected from these advances: front "aligned" to the current design, dynamic lines of the headlights and rear cut new and vaguely similar to that of the Volvo XC60.

Lexus GS: the fourth generation will be unveiled Aug. 18 at Pbble Beach

The fourth generation of Lexus GS will be presented on August 18 in California at Pebble Beach. According to Japanese, the car introduces a new design philosophy, characterized dall'inedita front grille and a distinctive design that anticipates the coming of the new guidelines of the Lexus range.

The style will be heavily derived from the LF-Gh beautiful concept which should come to the front grille and sporty and muscular. Japanese engineers have worked to ensure that the GS provides a driving experience even more immersive, a higher level of elegance, and high levels of comfort.

Daihatsu A-Concept

Designed with the goal of competitive prices and consumption in the order of 3.3 l/100 km, A-Concept could see the light as a production model as early as 2013, but not sure its debut on the European markets : Mira model / Heart might have different designs from Japan and those models destined for foreign markets like Indonesia, where Daihatsu has an excellent success.

Ampera: test drive

To describe the virtues dell'Opel Ampera need is not reporting his consumption, the most significant of any description given in words. The calculation detected on a total of 129.7 km gave an average of 4.2 km/liter, the optimal value in itself but even more significant because it was obtained without any driving ambition to run economy, including acceleration sharp, continuous on-off, always on radio and air conditioning.

Range Rover Convertible Evoque: started in 2013?

Range Rover Evoque could follow the path already traveled by the Nissan Murano Cross Cabriolet and then losing the roof to enjoy the habit of a cabriolet version, which promises to be the most sporty and fashionable range. These are in fact some of the rumors circulating on the Net that can see the top of Land Rover are interested in such an operation, even though, at least officially, the English house was ready to deny.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Chevrolet Orlando: Model 2012

Chevrolet Orlando presents the 2012 model . This is an update of the range of the latest 7-seater crossover, which changes the range of accessories and engines: in fact introduced bi-fuel LPG version of the 1.8 141 hp 4-cylinder with direct plant built by General Motors and double-tank, a full range of 1200 km.

The 1.8 engine can also be combined with a 6-speed automatic transmission. All versions, with no changes to the list prices, will also offer front power windows with opening and closing "One Touch", a new SD card input for updating the navigation system maps and luggage net, for setting up LT.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Volkswagen Touareg: the Pan-American records

A Volkswagen Touareg TDI and his team of pilots and technicians have traveled the entire Pan-American Highway from the new course record. Total: 11 days, 17 hours and 22 minutes and a handful of seconds timed to perfection by TÜV Nord Mobility, equal to exactly 3 days in less than used by previous expedition who, also passing through 14 different states of South America, Central and Northern Europe, had traveled 25,600 kilometers.

Mercedes C 63 AMG Black Series Coupe

Mercedes has released the first official pictures of the C 63 AMG Black Series Coupe, the third model belonging to the Black Family Series that will be offered from January 2012. This sporty style is recognizable by its dedicated package, with more generous air intakes, hood "pierced", strips larger sills and new rear spoiler as much as to the front.

Porsche will formally confirmed spider access

It 'the same Porsche CEO to confirm the introduction of a new compact roadster, new edition of the historic 550. "I'm willing to bet that a tribute to the 'James Dean's Porsche' will be well accepted by our clients," said Matthias Mueller, interviewed by German newspaper Handelsblatt. The same manager then revealed that this car will have a retro style, suggesting an ongoing compliance with the current style.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Infiniti JX: fourth official teaser

Fourth Official teaser for the new JX Infiniti: Nissan's new crossover continues to reveal the salient features of its design with the dropper. But that is enough to make us a first idea of the appearance of the final half that seems promising. The profile of the rear side windows is clearly inspired by the intriguing Etherea and Essence, presenting a winding and original.

In the new picture you can see a panoramic glass roof and integrated roof rails. Do not miss sill strips flavor off-road and a large spoiler on the rear window. The new model will play a key role in the market of the United States and South America. Currently there are no specific official about a possible marketing of the Old Continent, probably still considered unsuitable to accommodate a car "over-sized" like this one.

Smart ForTwo Pearlgrey, new limited edition

Smart has announced the commercialization of the new ForTwo Pearlgrey, new edition limited edition coupé and a cabrio in the proposal. Custom painting of the panels in the color Graphite Metallic Tridion cell and the silver, the new Smart ForTwo Pearlgrey comes standard with alloy wheels 3 spoke double tires on the front and 175/55 R15 195/50 R15 at the rear.

Going up the new Smart ForTwoPearlgrey, you are greeted by the enhanced package from the driver's skin color "Crystal Grey" is offered as standard, the facia, door panels, instrument panel will be offered in the colors black and pearl gray, with some silver details Matt. Equipped to set up like the rich Passion (Softouch automatic transmission, electric windows, automatic climate control and sunroof with sunshade to clear the coupe), the new Smart ForTwo Pearlgrey also offers standard clock and rev counter, new sound system and dedicated pads.

Fiat rose to 53.5% of Chrysler

Fiat has officially reached the majority arriving in Chrysler to 53.5% of the U.S. group: Lingotto has taken over the last remaining shares to the Governments of the United States and Canada, paying a total of $ 625 million, representing a stake of 7.5 %. Specifically, Fiat bought the share from Ottawa, at 1, 5%, for 125 million dollars, and the Washington, 6%, to 500 million, as required by the agreements previously concluded between the parties at the beginning June.

Mercedes SLS AMG roadster, the new official video

A few months after the world premiere, set for next Frankfurt Motor Show 2011 (15-25 September), Mercedes released a new official video dedicated to the SLS AMG Roadster, discovering the SLS version of "gull wings" and a worthy successor of the 300 SL of 1957.

Volkswagen Touareg TDI Panamericana: new record

Volkswagen announced that it has hit a new record with its Touareg TDI: Rainer Zietlow and his team have traveled the entire Pan-American Highway in 11 days, 17 hours and 22 minutes, beating the previous record of 3 full days. In its 25,600 km route the team has gone for 16 VW States. Times and distances were recorded and certified by TÜV NORD Mobility.

The adventure began on July 2 in Argentina and the Southern team has faced a multitude of different climatic situations, from sand storms to the treacherous streets of Chile Alaska. During the journey the team has also collected VW 10 cents per kilometer route from two to donate to the poor villages of South America.

Saab once again postponed the start of production

SWAN, formerly Spyker, today announced that Saab is making progress in negotiations with its suppliers to supply the definition of plans for the factory in Trollhättan: but, since the detailed plans and final delivery of the components have not yet been completed, production will not resume August 9, as previously indicated.

The assembly will return it to operate only when such agreements have been fully completed. No sooner than twenty days anyway. Gunnar Brunius, Vice President of Production and Procurement, said: "What is needed is a precise and detailed commitments about the delivery of materials to assembly lines.

Ferrari 458 Italy Grand Am, thrill to the limit

For fans of the most exciting car circuit, with you all the new Ferrari 459 Italy Grand Am, with 500 hp V8 engine modified and based on the GT3 version of the FIA World Championship. This new variant has been designed in order to compete as equals with American thoroughbreds. Ferrari and the Italian coach Michelotto Automobili have been put to work to give life to a real monster of circuits: the new F 458 Italia Grand Am This jewel of engineering is based in turn on the existing 458 GT3 Italy.

Mercedes S-Class Grand Edition

Mercedes Introduces New S-Class Grand Edition, is created to celebrate 125 years of German company, is the 60-year tradition of large luxury saloons of the S series, which the current generation has already totaled 385,000 units worldwide. The Grand Edition version offers the AMG aero kit, AMG 19 "with 255/40 front and 275/40 rear tires, sport exhaust and brakes changed, for the V8, with perforated front discs 350 mm.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Audi A6 Hybrid

Audi A6 published the specifications of the Hybrid version of particular concern for fuel consumption and emissions, which will debut in 2012 forwarded. This arrangement is characterized by the use of four-cylinder 2.0 TFSI 211 hp and 350 Nm, which uses technologies like FSI direct fuel injection system of gasoline and audio valvelift system (AVS).

This unit is part of the hybrid system, which also included eight reports to the automatic transmission and a lithium-ion battery 36.7 pounds heavier. The battery consists of 72 cells, produces an output of 40 kW (54 hp), maximum torque of 210 Nm and is positioned in the luggage compartment, which is rather large (from 375 to 850 liters).

Mercedes SLK 55 AMG: Official new 5.5 naturally aspirated V8 engine M152

Mercedes officially confirmed that the engine in the SLK 55 AMG is a naturally aspirated V8 with direct injection of fuel to 5,461 cc. The power of this unit, code-named M152, is 422 hp at 6800 rpm while peak torque of 540 Nm affects the value at 4500 rpm. Thanks to the aluminum base, weighs only 187 kg and is equipped with piezoelectric injector capable of ensuring a fuel injection pressure of 200 bar.

Nissan 350Z with a scary accident

In this video a Nissan 350Z is involved in a frightening accident, as it was spectacular: in the clip, taken from CCTV cameras in a parking lot, you see the crash the car against the wall that borders the parking area from the road. The impact of Japan's coupe, which has already started to coat the first impact is so strong that the wall and the force of impact causing a violent reversal of the car further and catapult you into the car park itself.

Nissan GT-R MY 2011: Top Gear test

Jeremy Clarkson Top Gear test the latest evolution of the Nissan GT-R, my 2011. More powerful, more aerodynamic and more glued to the asphalt, the Japanese super-coupe seems to bend physics to his will on the track doing lap times that are dwarf car from the weight / power ratio is more favorable and extremely cost higher.

The Gundam (Godzilla, or if you prefer) then renews his challenge to all of the supercar world, strong quality of its road, even more stunning, and its quality / price ratio ever more unattainable. In comparison, the video looks like a Jaguar poor kitty stripped and harmless.

Mercedes AMG Roadster SLS

Mercedes has released a new official video of the SLS AMG Roadster. The open-air version of the SLS AMG, available in Europe at estimated retail price of 195,160 euros including fees and waiting in the spotlight of the Frankfurt Motor Show, has the same 571 hp V8 of the "gull wings" that leads up to 317 km / h and can touch 100 km / h from standstill in just 3.8 seconds.

The development work has allowed us to increase the weight of only 40 kg compared to the coupe, only 2 of which attributable to changes in the aluminum space frame. The 3-layer fabric roof takes just 11 seconds for the opening, which can be up to 50 km / h does not affect the boot capacity, equal to 173 liters.

General Motors and OnStar: an application to monitor the charging habits

Starting from the third quarter of 2011, the Chevrolet Volt will track the habits of its drivers at the wheel, tracking the habits and behaviors when it is time to recharge the batteries. The data collected will then be sent to the company to General Motors and OnStar. This program of study, part of the larger project ATOMS (Advanced Operations Management System), exploits the presence of the electronic system in the car to send some key information to the mains, so as to optimize the supply of energy.

Spy Photos Porsche 991 Turbo S

These images show a stolen forklift among the first of the new Porsche 991 Turbo S version, recognizable by the new exhaust system with four terminals and so different from the last forklifts photographed. No changes on an aesthetic level instead, where there are already the same camouflage used to mask the 911 Turbo, including the rear spoiler and large side vents.

The new generation Turbo S should use the classic six-cylinder boxer version about 3.8 liters and 550 hp more powerful than the current series which delivers 530 hp.

Chrysler workers smoke marijuana, announced hard-line

Chrysler suspended from work nine workers, including the salary freeze, found that drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana before the start of their shift, the factory in Trenton. The workers have been "caught" by the cameras of the local network WJBK-TV that according to official sources in the plant was to record a documentary, but in reality would have been specially called by some fellow workers "implicated".

Mercedes E63 AMG SW: 5.5 twin-turbo V8 arrives

Mercedes E63 AMG wagon comes with a twin-turbocharged version: after the debut of the sedan, the family version is displayed in a rich gallery of images in combination with the new 5.5 twin-turbo V8, saying goodbye to so much do aspirated 525-horsepower 6.2 units . Able to ensure a reduction in consumption amounting to 22% compared to the old engine, the new Mercedes E63 AMG wagon declares an output of 525 hp and 700 Nm of torque, which rises to 557 hp and 800 Nm in the version with the AMG package performance and proposes a series of sports transmission Speedshift MCT 7-speed AMG.

Grand-Am Ferrari 458 Italy: the first test in Fiorano

He made his debut on the Fiorano test track for a series of tests required for its development the new Ferrari 458 Italy Grand-Am car of the house of the Cavallino intended to take part in the races that make up the American Grand-Am series. Based on the Ferrari 458 GT3 Italy, the Grand-Am was created by Ferrari in collaboration with the Michelotto Cars and implementing many new features to make it suitable for the fundamental rules of the competition in America.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New Mercedes SL Spy Photos

The track in Nardo recently hosted some of the new Mercedes SL forklifts (project code R231) car that will be introduced at the beginning of 2012 after ten years and will replace the current generation. The spider's star will be updated with the new styling by Mercedes, with a front end inspired by the CLS, a side-crossed by a deep rib and a rear volume evolved, with soft lights and vaguely triangular shape.

Mercedes CLS C218 by Lorinser

The new Mercedes CLS represents a perfect balance between sportiness of a coupe and the elegance of a four-door sedan, qualities that set a new benchmark in the segment over the years is becoming increasingly demanded by customers. Lorinser - specialized for years in the development of the Mercedes-Benz cars - knows this, and this was one of the first to offer a complete tuning kit beauty - Aerodynamic dedicated to CLS, which gives fascinating coupe four-port Teutonic greater determination, without affecting in any way the elegance.

Zagato: partnership agreement with CPP

Andrea Zagato and Brendan O'Toole has signed a partnership agreement between operational Zagato and CPP (Coventry Prototype Panels), the renowned English leader in the construction of bodies and already the supplier of the signing of Italian design. The result is the birth of the new company CPP Milan, which operates under license from Zagato and debuted in style, making the Aston Martin V12 Zagato, from which the result will be a limited edition road version.

New Porsche 911: first teaser video

The new Porsche 911 made its debut in the first videoteaser made by the manufacturer in Stuttgart. After months of sightings along the circuit of Nurburgring, the new supercar German road shows during the last test in South Africa. Despite the camouflage of the two copies of the movie characters, we discover how the new Porsche 911 will feature inspired by the dashboard Panamera flagship, and there will be an option as the unreleased large panoramic sunroof.

New spy photos of the Fiat Panda

The new Fiat Panda was photographed during a test. The new little Italian, expected to debut at Frankfurt Motor Show, will be assembled in Pomigliano and represents an important model for the Fiat group: inspired proportions and in line with the previous model, will offer larger with rear seats sliding, a new dashboard with the "pocket" inspired by the Panda first series of 1980 and the latest generation engines, including twin TwinAir with new, 65 hp version.

McLaren MP4-12C: the final model will be more exciting and sound

McLaren MP4-12C will undergo some "retouching emotional" to increase the involvement of his successful leadership of the driver from the first copy which is delivered this week. We specify immediately that it is not structural or mechanical changes but more scenic of small changes. It appears that the English house has used the very first received criticism from the press, about the lack of that 'epic aura and sense of unity that characterized the Ferrari 458 Italy, to make the last finalization.

Hybrid Audi A6 Submission

Audi has introduced the hybrid version of the Audi A6, which will have a total engine power is 245 hp. As for the consumption figures, we are talking about less than 6.5 liters per 100 kilometers. Not until 2012 when the dealers have in Spanish, but Audi has chosen this moment to raise awareness of the hybrid version of the Audi A6.

This will have a 2-liter TFSI 211 hp, while delivering 54 hp electric motor. The total power, as announced Audi after assessing the characteristics of both engines is 245 hp with maximum torque of 48.98 Nm. We also know that the electric drive is integrated within the cooling circuit of the thermal mechanical.

Mercedes SLK55 AMG and SLK diesel at the Frankfurt Motor Show

Mercedes SLK55 AMG will present in Frankfurt, the sports version of the SLK R172 and also the first diesel variant. The AMG version will mount the new 5.5-liter V8 shared with the latest AMG, but will waive turbochargers, positioning itself one step lower than CLS and E63 AMG, but especially not by creating direct competition with the future SL AMG.

The engine, according to Autocar's advances, will weigh 187 pounds and grow about 420 hp, over 70 more than the previous SLK and above will reduce consumption by 30% with emissions below 200 g / km thanks to the system Start / Stop and shutdown of 4 of the 8 cylinders in certain conditions.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Video teaser new Porsche 911

First official teaser video dedicated to the new Porsche 911: The number 991 is shown struggling with the road tests in South Africa. In spring clip is confirmed that the car is in the very last stage of its development. And 'therefore a certainty that we will live at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

The car will be launched in the Carrera and Carrera S versions with engines with direct injection 6-cylinder naturally aspirated boxer 3.4-liter respectively, and 350 bhp (the latter will eventually also on the new Boxster S and Cayman S) and 3.8 liters and 400 hp. Two changes are available, a manual and a dual-clutch 7-speed, and both equipped with launch-control function.

Renault Clio Gordini

Renault presents the new Clio Gordini. Derived from Clio GT it replaces, the new layout will be available with 3 and 5 door body and 128 hp 1.6 16V petrol engine and 1.5 dCi 105 hp. The changes are inspired by those of Gordini RS version, which has seen a great success, with 27% of total sales of the RS model at a European level, combining sportiness and elegance of style.

The car will be available in several European markets, including Italy. In France, the price will be between 18,450 and 21,350 euros. The car will offer carattetistiche contrasting color stripe on the bonnet and roof, looking Turini 16 "diamond-cut finish, interior in dark fabric and stitching in contrasting color, leather steering wheel with silver strip for the reference location, sports pedals, coatings glossy black, custom floor mats, dual twin exhaust, fog lamps, aero kit, automatic climate control, audio system with steering wheel controls, satellite navigation and cruise control.

DTM Audi A5 Concept debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2011

The DTM 2012 is ready to give the show: after the presentation of the BMW M3 Concept DTM, Audi unveiled the first images of new A5 DTM. Waiting to debut at Frankfurt Motor Show 2011, scheduled for 15 to 25 September 2011. Characterized by a great care of aerodynamics, the new Audi A5DTM born on a carbon fiber monocoque chassis, the interior, in addition to funding provided by the regulation of the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters, will not fail the roll-bar safety.

BMW M3 DTM Concept, unveiled in Monaco

BMW has presented within the framework of the Olympic stadium in Monaco M3 DTM Concept, the brand-new racing car with which the House Ethics officially participate in the 2012 season of the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (DTM), the exciting championship dedicated to touring cars that takes place every year in many tracks scattered throughout Europe.

During the ceremony, Jens Marquardt, new director of BMW Motorsport has also presented the first two riders Andy Priaulx and Augusto Farfus compete in the 2012 season in the DTM the eternal rivals Audi and Mercedes. The manufacturer will participate in the Teutonic tourist season with three teams: Team Schnitzer, the team and the RBM team RMG.

Tata Group: New Jaguar and Land Rover engines will be internally developed

The Tata Group is considering a new development strategy for the engines for its own premium brands Jaguar and Land Rover. The Indian group wants to exploit internal synergies and disengage from the Ford group, current supplier of many members and former owner of the two British brands. According to information provided by Automotive News, was the same Ratan Tata to announce this opportunity, also explaining that the engines could be assembled in England and in India, investing in the plant in Pune from May, which also assembles Land Rover Discovery.