Friday, July 22, 2011

Saab once again postponed the start of production

SWAN, formerly Spyker, today announced that Saab is making progress in negotiations with its suppliers to supply the definition of plans for the factory in Trollhättan: but, since the detailed plans and final delivery of the components have not yet been completed, production will not resume August 9, as previously indicated.

The assembly will return it to operate only when such agreements have been fully completed. No sooner than twenty days anyway. Gunnar Brunius, Vice President of Production and Procurement, said: "What is needed is a precise and detailed commitments about the delivery of materials to assembly lines.

We are working hard with our suppliers to optimize the plans and agree delivery times detailed in order to start production of cars that we have almost 11,000 in our backlog. The summer break of many sub-suppliers has led some key suppliers are not able to be timely as we would like. Saab is therefore forced to postpone by 20 days the date of resumption of production, in the belief that this additional short delay to allow all vendors to resume their activ ity regularly.

"SWAN and Saab also continue negotiations with financial partners to ensure that the resumption of production is stable.

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