Sunday, July 31, 2011

BMW and i3 i8 concept: new official photos

BMW has released two new official gallery i8 i3 and concept, the two prototypes that represent the entry of the German company in the field of electric cars and plug-in hybrid. Long announced, the two cars are already quite close to the standard product in the interior: the i8, in particular, has changed a lot compared to the Vision EfficientDynamics.

The two models share the extensive use of CFRP, propose two different solutions for mobility, with the vocation i3 town with 125 kW electric engine and rear and optional Range Extender i8 thought of as an uncompromising sports car, with performance sports hybrid and plug-in: the front-mounted electric is that of i3, while the rear axle is a 3-cylinder turbocharged 164 kW.

The i3 has a range of about 150 km, the Range Extender excluded, while the i8 can travel 35 km in electric mode with zero emissions before resorting to the internal combustion engine.

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