Friday, July 22, 2011

Mercedes SLS AMG roadster, the new official video

A few months after the world premiere, set for next Frankfurt Motor Show 2011 (15-25 September), Mercedes released a new official video dedicated to the SLS AMG Roadster, discovering the SLS version of "gull wings" and a worthy successor of the 300 SL of 1957.

The exciting movie, set on a scenic road overlooking the sea, opens with images of a SLS coupe parked beside the highway awaiting the arrival of the stunning convertible signed by AMG motor sport department. The video continues with an exciting "push and pull" between the two cars which overtake each other along the street full of exciting turns, unleashing a sweet symphony emitted by the powerful 571 hp V8 6.3 liter downloaded developed in the workshops of Affalterbach: a ' plenty of horses that allows you to take the SLS Roadster from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.7 seconds and it reaches a top speed equivalent to 317 km/h.

In the video you can appreciate all the agility of the Teutonic roadster at all penalized by the adopted reinforcement aluminum space frame made necessary due to the adoption of sophisticated multi-layer fabric roof. In fact, compared to the closed version, the SLS Roadster reports a weight gain of only 40 kg, for a total of 1,661 kg, while the torsional rigidity of the car is actually increased.

The video ends with images that show the qualities of the roof has three layers, driven by a sophisticated electro-made steel, aluminum and magnesium. This device allows the complete opening of the hood in just 11 seconds, and can be engaged as well as the car is stopped, even at speeds below 50 km/h.

The adoption of the roof has not sacrificed the space devoted to baggage stowed in the trunk that has a load capacity - is the same with the roof open or closed - equal to 175 liters, enough for a weekend out of town for two people.

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