Saturday, July 23, 2011

Porsche will formally confirmed spider access

It 'the same Porsche CEO to confirm the introduction of a new compact roadster, new edition of the historic 550. "I'm willing to bet that a tribute to the 'James Dean's Porsche' will be well accepted by our clients," said Matthias Mueller, interviewed by German newspaper Handelsblatt. The same manager then revealed that this car will have a retro style, suggesting an ongoing compliance with the current style.

The Porsche will build a new access platform, aluminum and steel, mid-engined and designed by Audi, which will house the new 2.5 turbocharged boxer four-cylinder (about 360 hp of maximum power) is currently under development. This car will debut in the coming years and will cost no less than 40,000 euros, although this figure is probably referring to the version of Access.

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