Friday, July 29, 2011

Toyota Prius Coupe in 2014?

It seems destined to grow the family of the Toyota Prius, the hybrid will average over the next few years increase the number of variants offered, until you get to be almost a brand in itself offer interior Toyota. With a spacious seven-passenger Prius Plus coming in early 2012 will provide a first example of "extended family" for the Japanese hybrid, but according to rumors that arrive from England one of the most interesting variants appears to be just the Prius Coupe sporty version of the range characterized by a very aggressive line, with taut lines and sharp very effective in giving a certain dynamism to the whole.

The rear wheel will come straight from the upcoming Lexus GS, but also new scheme will be driving plug-in hybrid with lithium ion batteries and manual transmission. The debut of the Toyota Prius Coupe would have planned for 2014, when it should begin even the SUV version. Rather, the Prius will arrive in 2012 C, the compact hatchback from the early C-Concept Prius by Toyota at the Detroit Motor Show 2011, a 5-door model that when it comes on the market will struggle with rivals like the Honda Insight, claiming the ' efficiency of its 1.5-liter gasoline motor that promises associated with the consumption of great interest to the category.

By 2014 the Prius will be characterized by an offer very comprehensive, able to accommodate more types of drivers with the common base hybrid power, a veritable emblem of the model in all its versions.

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