Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Render BMW X4

First render "true" dedicated to the BMW X4: we use the term true because, according to the latest statements of a BMW engineer, the X4's styling will be very different from that of the X3, more than it is compared to that of the X6 X5. And probably even more than this graphic reconstruction suggests itself in relation to the style of the headlights and front grille.

According to the latest rumors of the project was temporarily put X4 on standby waiting to plan more thoroughly the details of the new platform of X5/X6: the target group of BMW engineers is to share in these models (including the X3 ) as many components as possible. But, as previously reported, the final confirmation of the arrival of Porsche Cajun indirectly gave the project the go-X4.

The arrival of the new SUV-Coupe propeller should provide a slight upward repositioning of the next generation of X6: the latter also benefit from a more diverse style than the model derivation. The X4 is powered by the efficient units 4 and 6 cylinder petrol and diesel in the Bavarian manufacturer, and will most likely be a version of M.

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